Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

Hello! Welcome to Things I Love Thursday! What is this, you may ask? This is where it all started, way back in 2007! (iCiNG is like a grandmother in blog years! If Grandma iCiNG was a real person, she would surely look like this!) It all kicked off with a simple list of obsessions & happies which I wanted to share… & it has grown into this behemoth online phenomenon! In addition to nonpareils leaving their love-lists here, people also do miniature versions on Twitter & even post their own lists on their own blogs! It is cute to the max.

So this is a list of the things that are making me smile this week… & I’d love for you to write & let me know what’s making YOU happy right now, even if — ESPECIALLY if — you are a Things I Love Thursday virgin!

Roald Dahl

I love… when The Dish comes home smelling like gasoline; Hank burrowing under the blankets & loving on me; the tail drum; Chopper; buying more Mickey Mouse ears (plain black! Sequinned black! Sequinned white/irridescent! Thank you eBay!); hahaha; 500 Days Of Summer (I finally got around to watching it & I really enjoyed it); restaurants filled with streamers; “The Magician“; getting out of bed with a head full of ideas; Givenchy Play (I got a sample the other day & The Dish has been wearing it a lot, it is delicious); cherry-flavoured deep pink lip gloss (thanks Korres!); Silversun Pickups; new Moleskines which fit in handbags without any fuss; snowflake-shaped York peppermint patties; talking about decorating my office like a wigpee (wigwam/teepee!); Joan Jett; getting excited about SXSW (oh how I love to travel, & oh, how I love Texas); Indian Zen (it is my new favourite album); flicking through Tim Walker’s Pictures (I have it open on my desk at all times, serving as inspiration++); re-arranging my vision boards; delicious meals; young coconut shakes with gold (!!!); really strong coffee; working in coffee shops, especially when the Christmas lights across the road get turned on; watching shows about India; Flying Lotus at SXSW!!!; watching snow fall; cashmere anything; Paris Hilton in I Get That A Lot; using my pink glitter Fulmer helmet as a lamp by filling it with white fairy lights…


…& magazine subscriptions (I have never [!] had one before, & now I am subscribed to a bunch, how fantastique to get it right to your front door!); discovering great restaurants just around the corner; packages; space madness; writing style direction posts (one of my favourite things!); planning out my working week PROPERLY as opposed to just bumbling from task to task (it is working very well, thank you!); CrazySexyCool (Left Eye for life); aqua aura quartz shards in a shell casing; Mercury retrograde ending tomorrow (hallelujah!); tending to my Asian Tea Jasmine plant; THE FACT THAT BEN & JERRYS DELIVERS TO MY HOUSE, ARE YOU KIDDING ME !; really really really looking forward to vegan chocolate & lavender shakes at Toy Joy; Toy Joy in general, actually, it is the radness; pencil skirts; wearing heels again; fashion week anticipation; stripey sweaters; The Current; new shoes; wearing feathered headbands; bridal fashion shows (HAAAA); good mail hauls; cute old men who ask if you need help carrying your parcels, & again, The Dish, who says the sweetest things & who I love very, very much.

Also, the BUNNYHEAD RING WINNER HAS BEEN CHOSEN (at random!). VoilĂ : Comment #577: Merarose! I’ve emailed you & your own bunnyhead ring will be hopping its way to your mailbox soon!

Thanks so much everyone for participating! The entries were truly amazing, a great read for anyone feeling a bit doldrum-esque! Over 800 entries! Love it!

P.S. I saw this & just had to include it… Doesn’t it fit the psychedelic ladies who lunch motif perfectly?!