Things I Love Thursday

Hello! Roll up, roll up! Welcome to Things I Love Thursday. If you’re new here (& I know a bunch of you are!), this is a little participation project where we bliss out on the gratitude attitude! (Ha!) You make a list of the things you’re loving, or happy about, & read other people’s lists, & it’s a sweet little thing we do. It’s an excellent way to kick off RADICAL SELF LOVE month, too! In fact, consider this another official homework assignment… You can enter it in your Radical Self Love bible if that’s more your style!

Here’s my list!

So so so so so looking forward to seeing Jazzi (in town for NYFW)!; & also Jake!; eating chocolate chip cookies for breakfast; Secret Diary Of A Call Girl season three (!!!); #radicalselflove; Timbaland (Presents Shock Value was SO EFFING GOOD & continues to be); Thierry Mugler’s Alien perfume (I sprayed some on a card in my room & it smells so delicious!); dreaming about Hunter S. Thompson; cavorting around the house in Hopeless Hotel lingerie, fishnets & high heels; ridiculous rings; Iconoclasts again (I saw the one of Mario Battali & Michael Stipe, c’était magnifique); Cut Copy; The Dish for bringing me coffee & making me soup on a Sunday so I could work all day with no interruptions; inhaling cans of San Pellegrino Aranciata; talking to your favourite fashion designer ever on Twitter (hello Erin Fetherston I love you!); pulling le puppy into bed for cuddles; speaking to smart, brave, encouraging women who attach roots to your dreams & show you how to make them real; prowling around the Hotel Chelsea looking at suites (also apparently half the rooms there are private residences, which I did not know!); goodie bags with Barbie dolls in them!; Wendy of Nitrolicious; wearing tulle petticoats; Harajuku Lovers high heels (LOVE); Sour Patch watermelon slices (new favourite candy); a pile of index cards scrawled with purple ink; sparkly manicures; wearing sassy outfits; having a to do list which is terrifying but empowering; replacing song lyrics with your own; Beyonce; daytime naps; taxi drivers who tell me they like my outfit (“Is that fashion? Very pretty”); toffee sauce; fleur de sel chocolate; sunshine; pineapple for breakfast; beep music (“It sounds like beeping… Beep beep doot doot”); edIT’s remix of Artsy (I think this is one of my favourite tracks of all time [“You ain’t artsier than me, ’cause you live in Los Feliz, b!tch you ain’t Jesus”]); see also; my teeny Moleskine planner — fits perfectly in my handbag which ultimately makes me a much more organised person!; giving away a tutu!; feeling more on top of things than I have in a long time; that wonderful feeling of sitting at a clean desk in a clean room with the sunlight streaming in & good music playing at decent volume.

I know I have said this a lot recently but I am so so so looking forward to summer. Seriously, bring it on. I can’t wait any longer! What are your warm weather plans? Mine: motorcycle adventures, going out dancing ALL THE TIME, exploring the city, cocktails, photos, sundresses, high heels, rooftops, general deliciousness. Yes please!

“People need stories, beautiful stories, love stories.”(Frédéric de Narp, President & CEO of Cartier, North America.)