Things I Love Thursday

Gwen Stefani

Creampuffs, Alice in Wonderland comes out March 5th! (Counting down the days!) So it seems as good a time as any to revisit Gwen Stefani as Alice… Don’t you think? This page is so exciting.

Here is this week’s list of things I !

Firstly, this deserves its own mention… I met Betsey Johnson on Valentine’s Day. It was amazing. There is video. As soon as I have it, I promise I will share it!

Deliciousest tidbits: Watching Tool Academy with The Dish & clutching one another appreciatively, hahah!; speaking on panels (honestly one of my absolute favourite things, gives me such a high — more details to come!); using my brand spanking new Clarisonic (I have wanted one for a really long time, so imagine my delight when I received one in my IFB panelist goodie bag, & it is just as amazing as I always dreamed it would be!); reading & daydreaming about retreats; BETSEY JOHNSON; obsessing over possible Spring/Summer wardrobe options; the moments at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week where things come together & you feel invigorated, inspired & elated all over again, & are reminded why you do what you do; my favourite make-up artist who also does Erin Fetherston’s make-up!; the Evolving Influence poster hanging up in my office!; stretching; looking after my plants (jasmine & orchid); Gwen Stefani…

Gwen Stefani

& I also … pirate tutus; Valentine’s Day Nerds (as in the candy!); gearing up to do an interview with my favourite New Zealand radio station!; shopping with Jazzi; lunch with Tina; getting my hair done; French bulldogs who sit in your lap (!!!!!!); massive art shows; Betseyville handbags; getting The Dish hooked on Entourage (we have marathons, so much fun); tortoiseshell-framed glasses; this (it looks amazing on, especially under a pencil skirt); getting my favourite skirt on loan from Jazzi again!; eating Kit-Kats in bed; writing stupid poems for my friends; watching the Rodarte show; Net-A-Porter’s wedding section, ARE YOU KIDDING ME, nnnngh, killer, some of the dresses even have videos, it’s total couture pornography; Sound & Vision; being so happy that you end up singing everything; having a good dressing up soundtrack (should be compulsory); a room full of sequins & striped knickers & chocolates & hot pink garter belts; making little adjustments to the site (yay!); toffee chocolate; 80s movie stars who live in your neighbourhood; strapless dresses; sock & stocking shopping; machine gun earrings & Danielle LaPorte (life-saver).

Gwen Stefani

“Life is too short to spend hoping that the perfectly arched eyebrow or hottest new lip shade will mask an ugly heart.”
(Kevyn Aucoin)