Things I Love Thursday

This Thursday, I am ing…

Miniature Cadbury Creme Eggs; silver, turquoise & purple jangling bracelets from Sri in India; upcoming SXSW (I leave in two weeks, unreal! One of my favourite times of the year, absolutely psyched); looking forward to seeing one of my favourite rappers; I secretly (not so secret really) absolutely love Victoria’s Secret; re-reading Fear Of Flying; holographic star stickers; watching old episodes of Sex & The City & getting excited for NEW YORK IN SUMMER OH BABY!; fiddling around with my new camera; Valentine’s Day cards & letters from nonpareils (SMOOCH); Burberry Prorsum’s Live 3D show; finally getting inside after fearing you might very well have hypothermia; cheap ridiculous earrings (1! 2! There are more but they’re not on the site…); grilled corn on the cob from Cafe Habana; The Addams Family musical (SO EXCITEDDDD); I am honestly obsessed with black dresses; laughing at David Caruso comics; being so inspired by the Burberry Prorsum show (& that is what a good show should do! Inspire!); “Thanks Gala! Come to California already. Amy“; & on that note, a HUGE box of Sugarpill cosmetics (hello, spoiled!); Corinne who rocks my world on a regular basis (as well as being a super-genius & mega-sweetheart, she also has opened orphanages in Haiti & travelled the country in an eco-bus…); Flowerbomb; using the sauna at my spa for valuable Gala time (there is never anyone in it, best); Revlon PhotoReady foundation (thanks, Zoe! The reviews are super-funny, too — the foundation has micro-sparkles in it, & one girl’s review simply said, “Edward Cullen”); “THE DOWNTROU”; blowing bubbles at Hank; polka-dot shoes; “Flaming Hot” Crunchy Cheetos; psychedelic feather headdresses made to order (swoon, so excited!); my new camera; this!!!; big stacks of books; Apolo Ohno (he is the radness); all the Easter stuff in-store (being a fan of hypercolour pastels & bunnies this is a good time for me!); adding a fluffy petticoat to a black dress & completely changing the look of it; deeeelicious sandwiches & Bloody Marys; mid-afternoon naps; taking cuddle pictures with Hank & sending them to The Dish; watching the Winter Olympics; Lola: Snow for Gala! / Gala: Thanks, Skybeard! You knew just what I wanted!; buying big glass gallon jars to store all my jewellery; big lumpy snowflakes (annoying, but still amazing); striking up ten minute friendships with other women when you’re all in a shoe shop together; photos of flowers & talking to Momma Darling on the phone!

Finally, I would like to say… A good chocolate souffle is worth its weight in gold!

“You are always living the life you create. If your life does not feel right, create something better.”(Unknown)

Fantastic words for #radicalselflove…

What are you loving this week? Other than your fine SELF, of course!