Things I Love Thursday

Okay, putting the finishing touches on this as quickly as possible given I just took a Sudafed & know I am going to be a complete space cadet in 5… 4… 3…

What’s on my list of intergalactic treasures this week? (Let’s dive for sunken pleasure!)

Having a personal trainer!
I think I am a convert. (Uh oh.) I kinda feel like I have tried everything else & this is the thing that makes the most sense to me. It makes such a difference to have someone who
a) can instruct you properly
b) gives you tasks
c) encourages you
d) won’t let you give in
e) you are accountable to
f) you have a regular “date” with.
In my first proper session I did THIRTY PUSH-UPS, are you kidding me, I had no idea I could do that many because normally I just collapse into a little puddle! Yes, I am still in agony & can hardly take my clothing off, but it is irrelevant! I can feel it working! It’s happening babe, it’s finally happening! So excited!

Little rituals
Like lighting candles when The Dish gets home, going to get coffee together & kissing goodbye on the corner, et cetera. It might sound boring but having little routines makes me feel really good.

My friends
Because they are so brilliant & diverse & they make me smile. I love that even though I don’t see them every day, when we do see one another, we make it count. I love looking forward to having them visit New York & I love it when we meet up in other cities. I love planning adventures with them & I love even more when the adventures come to fruition! It took me a long time to meet a big handful of people who I really connect with, which makes me appreciate them even more. Major love!

Les honourable mentions: Email from my friend Ed who I am staying with in Texas which simply says: “Excitement building. Eek!” & my response: “YAY!!!! ME TOOO!!!!!!”; “I’m going to take a shower, don’t touch my trap”; San Pellegrino Aranciata (some of my favourite words in the English… um, Italian… language); browsing through bookstores & running my fingers along the spines (I forgot how much I missed it!); looking forward to fairy times with Angeliska; The Dish The Dish The Dish; a huge (I really do mean huge) guacamole delivery which resulted in me gobbling it ALL WEEKEND; packages when you aren’t expecting them; hot pink dangly gun earrings; Tool Academy followed by Iconoclasts; Shutter Island (any movie that has you discussing it all the way back to the house is a good one); Daft Punk; pink sparkly bikinis & glitter-covered Oxfords; In The Meantime; cleaning & getting rid of (read: putting into storage) the stuff I don’t need any more (feels so good!); Jurassic 5; huge oversized bow headbands; see also oversized sunglasses; daytime napping with Hank Williams; polka-dot shoes; “you must have had the devil for a stepfather”; watching Secret Diary Of A Call Girl & eating really good sandwiches (with chipotle & avocado & tomato, mmmm); The Millionaire Matchmaker; cozy lounge & athletic wear from The Gap; when friends call you just to chat; stashing chocolate bars in my desk drawer; putting “le” in front of everything (it is more fun that way, & by “it” I mean “life”); all you can eat tacos (see also tacos ├╝ber alles); Found magazine; putting all my jewellery in a massive glass candy jar; that “pastel hair” is “in”; watching Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle & wanting to learn to ride a dirtbike SO BADLY; my virtual assistant (hello I love you), & did I mention The Dish?

“Celebrate what you want to see more of.” — Tom Peters

P.S. This is my song of the day:

What’s filling your galaxy with wonder this week? Consider this more official Radical Self Love homework! Don’t make me get my whip!