Things I Love Thursday

So sorry this is a day late!!!

Happy Phagwah!
Last Sunday, Chloe & Krysti & I went to celebrate Holi in Queens. I have lots of pictures & stuff to show you, hold please! [Insert the dulcet tones of Barbara Streisand here.]

Being a gym bunny!
(Hop hop!) Okay, so I now do 30 push-ups every time I go to the gym. (Twice a week.) I find this completely amazing! My trainer is rad & we talk about music, & he is optimistic & cool. I can feel myself getting stronger & my inner resolve strengthening. I love pushing myself beyond what I think I can achieve. Honestly I love love love going to the gym (& I would bet money that I am the only person who goes there wearing false eyelashes). It is kind of making me feel nuts that I have to miss two sessions next week!

Seeing friends who live elsewhere!
Yay! I don’t get to see Stef very much, but he was in town playing a show on Tuesday so we took the opportunity to go shopping, get pizza slices & enjoy the spring weather. Later that night I saw him, Dessa Darling & Astronautilus perform at the Bowery Ballroom (A+++) & they were completely brilliant. Hopefully I will see him again soon. Fingers crossed for Soundset 2010! (Finally!) The kid’s still on tour so for God’s sake, go & see him! Now I’m in Austin staying with my friend Ed (who I met at Burning Man in 2006!) & it’s so good to get caught up on all our news & life changes! Soon I’ll get to see Angel, Amelia, Tina, Violet etc. & I’m so thrilled!

Fantastic new projects in the works!
Honestly, couldn’t be more excited. Just you wait!

Honourable mentions: Stephen Colbert performing magic tricks!; arm/leg/dog piles; LE DISH; not sneezing; oversized earrings; pumpkin soup!; ahahahahahaha!; being played cheesy Christmas songs to illustrate a point; Boingo wifi (a lifesaver in airports, especially with the prevalence of delayed flights); the woman who checked me in to my SouthWest flight who talked my ear off about Peter Pan (happens a lot with my surname); Blistex Lip Medex (new favourite lip balm, it actually !!!works!!! & is a vast improvement on anything else I have ever used. Even better, I bought it on a total whim); new towels; drinking tomato juice with ice on the plane (I only ever order water, apple or tomato juice on a plane for some reason, & I love it); xo texts; laughing at Entourage on the plane; excitement over my SXSW schedule (Melissa Auf der Maur, Born Ruffians, Dustin O’Halloran, Motörhead [?!], Hudson Mohawke, Nas & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Flying Lotus, Nicole Atkins featuring Future Clouds and Radar, Kam Moye aka Supastition, Nappy Roots, Ninjasonik, GZA, The Crystal Method, Sage Francis, The Glitch Mob, Classixx (DJs For The Night), Mayer Hawthorne & The County, David Dallas, Metric, Raphael Saadiq, Team Facelift, Jimmy Gnecco, Blue Scholars, Redman, Kristen Schaal, Pharoahe Monch, Theophilus London, Anti-Pop Consortium, The xx, B T, Daedelus, Hole [WHAT], & The Very Best, not to mention the myriad of panels, talks, madness etc.!), my new skull sweater; “I actually prefer R&B to hip-hop” “Oh yeah, who’s your favourite?” “Boyz II Men”; when planes begin their descent; noise-cancelling headphones; brass knuckle zipper pulls; 11 hour sleeps; “I feel like you need to be supervised. I feel like… I’m dating the Ritalin Kid”; voodoo chicken sandwiches & cinnamon apple pie & warm weather…

I read this in Southwest Airlines Spirit magazine last night & had to share it!

Grateful people reported feeling 25 percent more happiness & energy & 20 percent less envy & resentment in several recent studies at the University of California. They also slept 10 percent longer each night & exercised 33 percent more if they wrote down what they felt thankful for. “Gratitude,” Lyubomirsky says, “is an antidote to negative emotions.”

So of course I’d love to hear what’s making you really happy this week!

Additionally, YO! I am in Texas! I’m here for SXSW Interactive, Music & Film until the 20th! I’m not going to be posting every day, but if you want to know what I’m up to, you can always follow me on Twitter! If you’re here too, you should definitely come & see my session Selling Subculture Without Selling Out!

We should resume our regular schedule in a little over a week’s time… Much love!