Things I Love Thursday

I have been having such a fantastic time in Austin. It is warm with big blue skies, & the food is fresh & incredible. We have magical tea parties, blow chocolate-scented bubbles, buy bottles of Perrier-Jouet & pretend to play miniature golf in six & a half inch heels.

It is the perfect antidote to New York City, even though I miss it & am looking forward to going back. Being here makes me want to wear Western shirts & cowboy boots, learn to ride motorbikes & drink juices every day.

Bunny coats & invitations from Helena Christensen & magical Mexican talismans. Buying magenta speckled orchids & connecting people together & wearing crystal skulls around my neck. Majorette hats & bird-shaped sugarcubes & sleeping in grey slips.

Eating lots of salads & getting lots of sleep & using hyaluric serum on my face every night. I have dark chocolate rabbits & new hats & lace-covered bunny ears. Wearing an old military shirt which says MAKE LOVE NOT WAR on the back. Long black vintage dresses & suede fringed miniskirts & peppermint bark chocolate.

True conversations & hot pink skeletons. Waffles & Bellinis & poring over treasures. Free boots & offensively embroidered Western shirts, tin Milagros & 3D cards of the Virgin Mary.

Celery sticks & roasted garlic hommus & sitting at home writing on a beautiful clear night. Candlelit tarot card readings from magical friends at Barton Springs. Aloney time to create & Leonard Cohen & The Psychedelic Furs. Feeling everything come together & fresh starts. This charmed life.

Et enfin: Le Dish. El Disho. Das Dishenstein. I loves him. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, etc., though really for me it is more of a case of absence makes me realise how good we have it. I can’t wait to see him on Saturday! & it is his birthday on Tuesday! Happy early birthday, baby.

More details about this soon!

“I celebrate myself, & sing myself.” — Walt Whitman

Tell me… ¿Qué te trae la alegría? (What brings you joy?)

P.S. Please send your wiggly virtual love waves to Hank Williams, who has sore inner ears! LOOK at that FACE! LOVE! God I can’t wait to smoosh him!