Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

Looooove, love, love… Looooooove, love, love! Here are some of the things making me smile, grin, hop, jiggle or shake a leg this week!

Coachella! Oh, HELLO! Yesterday my editor (hi Barbie!) called & asked if I wanted to go to California & cover Coachella. Why, yes! Yes, I would! & why? Well, because of Jay-Z, Vampire Weekend, Deadmau5, Passion Pit, Echo & the Bunnymen, Fever Ray, the Avett Brothers, La Roux, P.O.S., Wale, Major Lazer, Dirty Projectors, Z-Trip, the xx, the Raveonettes, Flying Lotus, Pretty Lights, Edward Sharp & the Magnetic Zeros, Phoenix, Orbital, De La Soul, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Yo La Tengo, Florence & the Machine, Yann Tiersen, the Glitch Mob & Mayer Hawthorne, OF COURSE! The biggest question, to me at least, is what am I going to wear?! Maybe I need to refer to my own article on Dressing For Music Festivals! I think it is fair to say it’s going to be all about dresses & boots. I can’t WAIT.

Soundset! Look at that line-up! Are you kidding me?! YES. Go buy yourself a ticket & I will see you THERE.

The Haunted Mansion aka, my gym. If you’re not following me on Twitter (lucky you!), you probably don’t know that on Monday I did 80 push-ups. & yesterday I did 100. Yes, one hundred!!! Not girly push-ups either. The real sort. This boggles my mind. My trainer makes bets with me where if I am wrong, I owe him 25 push-ups. But if I am RIGHT, I owe him NOTHING! I cannot help but make a bet like that. The bets usually involve him jumping up & touching something which is ridiculously high on the ceiling, but he is a basketball player. I always lose. When will I learn? Never. Whatever! I am going to be so buff! I’m going to steal people’s lunch money ALL SUMMER! & kick sand in people’s faces. xTOUGHx!


Doc Marten 1460s with my name on them! I really like having my name on everything. I can’t help myself. So when Doc Martens invited me to their 50th birthday party, handed me a pair of boots & pointed at the graffiti artist & the pile of pyramid studs, who was I to say no?! My resistance to new shoes is weak. It’s an illness. Anyway… I love them. Going to try to break them in as best I can before Coachella!

Good music times. Some albums I’m really, really, really enjoying. Go listen!
Atmosphere – Happy Clown Bad Dub Eight
Autechre – Oversteps
Blitzen Trapper – Black River Killer
Bonobo – Black Sands
Broken Bells – Self-titled
Building Better Bombs – Freak Out Squares
Deftones – Diamond Eyes
Erykah Badu – New Amerykah Part Two
Mission Of Burma – Signals, Calls & Marches
Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More
Peter Gabriel – Scratch My Back
The Rumble Strips – Girls & Weather
She & Him – Volume Two
Them Crooked Vultures – Self-titled
Yeasayer – Odd Blood

Favouritest littles: Jamie Oliver (have you watched his Food Revolution show? He is doing really important work. I signed his petition, you should too); um, also, deep-fried ice cream (oh, hush, life is a contradiction, ALRIGHT?!); ignoring April Fool’s Day (yeah yeah I get it everything said today is a lie, ha ha ha ha okay cool); taco night at Team Awesome & my super-not-so-secret guacamole recipe; thinking about ways to celebrate Easter (what are you doing?); young coconut shakes which are so good they make you roll your eyes around in your skull; bloody marys for breakfast; EASTER EGG HAIR (!!!); neon pink fingernails; being diligent about taking my vitamins & putting serum on my face every night; writing Love & Sequins #9 (I’m into it already, this one is about manifesting & magic-making!!!); exclamation marks; stretching out on my new leather couch in the sunshine (this couch is THE BEST); sunshine (to me this equates to cute dresses & high heels); cashews; when The Dish comes home & hands me Cherry Ripe chocolate bars & asks me, “Does it taste like HOME?”; gearing up for the best summer EVER!

It’s going to be so good. Can you feel it? I can.

Also, this is one of my favourite songs. I promise you will LOVE it & FREAK out!

I’d love to hear what you’re into right now! Tell me about your FURIOUS OBSESSIONS & objects of DESIRE & LUST! Come on, let’s go go go!