Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

I’m sorry it’s been quiet this week — I have so much that needs to be done before Coachella & I am scrambling around like a goat on a cliffside trying to do it all! Bleat, bleat! Hopefully the AMAZING picture above will placate you!

Regardless, it’s that time again! Time for your love letter to the universe! Here is mine!

Dear universe,

SWOON! You are my favourite! Here are some things I love about you this week. I just thought you should know.

Blossoming trees lining the streets! It reminds me how beautiful New York City really is. Pink & white blossoms framing the sapphire sky, flowers shading the street below, petals on asphalt.

Remembering to slow down & really appreciate what you have — not just the 300mph times, but the quiet times, the lulls, when you’re able to think & relax & breathe. Not being an action addict. Being happy regardless.

Talking to people who really know you, much better than you thought they did, in fact, & having them manage to cut straight to the root of a problem & talk you through it. Isn’t it great when the people you love surprise you?

Things That Hurt zipper pulls from Kidrobot! My friend gave me the silver brass knuckles zipper pull when he was here last, & on Sunday The Dish & I went down to Soho to buy some more. We picked two each & sat on some steps on Prince Street while we unwrapped them eagerly. Mine turned out to be a yellow set of brass knuckles & a silver gun. His were the heart & the money bag. We looked at each other. “Wanna swap?!” I asked excitedly. “YES!!!” he replied. The heart & the money bag are much more my style… (Though I would be pretty into a pink missile, pink hand grenade or silver razorblade, too.)

Little favourites: Insanely good weather; making big lists of restaurants to eat in this summer (one of my favourite things ever is riding motorcycles all over the city, settling into little candlelit booths & eating in gardens); bandeau tops worn with high-waisted skirts; Hank coming in to check on me while I write; organising everything on a whiteboard; these shoes (nnnnnggghhhhhhhh so beautiful); discovering previously-unheard songs by your favourite groups (what could be better?! I love this SO MUCH!); glitter nailpolish; pink handbags; buying Maria Milagrosa Miraculous Mother candles with Spanish prayers on the back & lighting them while I write late at night; pulling inspiration from everywhere; stashing snacks around the house like a demented squirrel!; FreshDirect, hello you make my life so easy, how could I ever forsake you?!; post-workout euphoria; really good Thai food (I sure am a sucker for a tasty curry puff!); playing Cupid (JUST YOU WAIT); Hank’s constant desire to spoon me, despite the fact that when the bedroom is 90 degrees, having him lie next to me is like being beside a roaring campfire; sticking my head under the faucet & wetting my hair & then lying down with a fan pointed at it (no kidding, it has been really hot!); getting stronger (physically & mentally) with every workout; star socks worn with Doc Marten boots; new knickers which feel slinky to the touch; cleaning out my closet (I actually know what I own again, AMAZING!); talking to Helen on Skype & laughing so hard I cry; peanut butter & jelly ice-cream (made with cashews, & vegan!) in a sugar cone from Lula’s Sweet Apothecary; iced soy lattes in big tall glasses & being able to bust out all my summer dresses (even though my legs are terrifyingly pale)!

“Shatter my heart so new room can be created for a limitless love.” — Sufi prayer

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