Things I Love Thursday

On the love trip this week…

Pour La Victoire Ida Wedge Booties! The most comfortable wedge bootie EVER. I walked from where I live in Alphabet City across to Astor Place, worked out (in my Reeboks), then walked down to Prince & Crosby & back home again, WITHOUT SOCKS ON, & there is nary a blister to be seen. Nor did my feet hurt, at all. Did I mention this was their debut outing? You need to own these booties! They are so comfortable! I am wearing them right now at the airport, in fact!

The Kin phone — It’s so awesome, I really really like it. I have said forever that there should be a place online where everything streams together — email, Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds — & they have taken that idea & put it inside a phone. A phone with an 8 megapixel camera! A phone which shoots HD video! A phone where you can update your Twitter status from the very first screen! A phone with a touch screen & a REAL qwerty keyboard! Drool. Yes please. I went to a party for the launch on Monday night, & was instantly smitten. Sign me up!

Meet @ The Apartment. They have naked ladies in the wallpaper, but no one realised until I pointed it out! (Trust me to notice — that’s such a Gala thing to do.) Anyway, the space is beautiful & awesome. It makes me want to throw an event just so I can use it. Unfortunately it is $3000 to hire. Hmmmm, maybe not…

Gotham Glow! Tamar (the star) came to my house on Tuesday afternoon, popped up a little tent in my living room (yes!), & then I stripped naked (double yes!) & she sprayed me down with a magical mixture that developed to a beautiful warm glow by the early evening. She is so brilliant, I love love love her. If you, like me, are a fan of the tan, she is your girl! I can’t tell you how much sexier I feel with a tan. Is that weird?

Things I Love Thursday

I am also actually obsessed with Quaker Apple Cinnamon rice cakes. Barbie is driving me to Coachella tomorrow morning & I am going to force her to stop somewhere so I can buy some. (I thought about packing them in my suitcase, but surely they would just have been crushed.) I LOVE THEM. Plus they are gluten-free so I don’t feel all bloat-o-matic afterwards. Glory glory!

I am also SERIOUSLY obsessed with baby carrots & celery sticks eaten with garlic hummus. I can’t even tell you. It tastes so good & makes me feel incredible to eat it.

Hello yummy: Postcards of Wellington stuck to the front door; a lingerie drawer full of sequins & polka-dots & neon colours; windchimes hanging from fire escapes; old bicycles with pearlescent paint-jobs; buying purple hyacinths & violet tulips & vintage bottles; gem essences (hematite & opal); Flower Power; being called “mitten”; cuddling in bed watching TV with Hank snuggled against me; walking around the East Village with no agenda but looking for fun things to photograph; boxes of miniature cupcakes; writing with sparkly pens; my Coachella mixtape (I keep re-listening to it!); Alyssa Bird‘s high-waisted skirts; Hollywood hotel shenanigans; resort livin’; Mystic Medusa (love her emails, love her website, love her everything); falling over & laughing laughing laughing; pink Barbie fingernails; springtime in NYC; drivers from Yemen (did you know Yemen’s population is TWENTY-EIGHT MILLION!?!); airport announcements (“Passenger Goldfinger, please see the agent!” — PASSENGER GOLDFINGER?!!!); finally being called to board.

& with that, adieu! I’m going going, back back, to Cali Cali. “Flight 504, leavin’ Kennedy goin’ to LAX.” “Oh, Cali?” “No doubt baby.”

Big love!