Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

Hello! I’m feeling a bit dizzy & loopy so this week’s TiLT is coming to you LIVE from Pillow & Blanket HQ! I am cozied up with le puppy though, & as soon as this is posted I am going to watch the finale of Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend. Fun! (Otherwise known as, I am heeding my body’s not-so-quiet pleading for me to chill OUT for a bit!)

Anyhoo. Here is my love list. It is going to be short because I feel like I am going to pass out!

Monstrously lovely: Going to get my nails done & being sent home with a packet of roasted seaweed; buying magical unicorn vomit shoes!; scaring Molly with my Soho madness; Lush Cosmetics (Flying Fox, Yummy Yummy Yummy, Buffy, Rock Star, Sweet Lips); every season of Daria ever; “I hope you have not run away to Mexico with Hank… Me gusta enchiladas…”; a pink velvet skull with black lace bunny ears perched on top; Hank snoring; Ludacris’ Battle Of The Sexes album (great from start to finish, & no filler!!!); FLOWERBOING (as a word); No Impact Man doing #GratitudeList on Twitter (great minds yadda yadda!); “Why won’t you show me your true form?!”; flower crowns; white eyeliner; my new pillbox, which originally had mints in it, & has a saucy blonde girl on it & the words “KINKY GIRLFRIEND”; listening to old Tool albums; sparkly headbands & miniature cupcakes; Bonnie Rue from Model Citizen Clothing who made me pink typewriter earrings!; Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend (I seeeeeriously bawled my eyes out watching this the other day); making faux-photobooth (fauxtobooth?) strips; girl brunch; CHLOE (who is my hero for more reasons than one, & is going to L.A. tomorrow [WHAT] & I hope she comes home soon); false eyelashes & hot pink 1950s dresses; shoes with polka-dots; mistaken identity in the Financial District; salads; puppy snuggles; getting lots of rest!

P.S. My makeup artist (REGAN at MAC FLATIRON, if you need someone, GO SEE HIM) called me this week to tell me he had worked on a girl who read my site & found out about him that way. He said her name is Lindsey & that she is really beautiful & looks like Uma Thurman! Hi Lindsey!

P.P.S. I want to send some loves out to Bri in Chile, too! I adored your postcard, girl — thank you. Hope you are doing well!

What are you loving this week?