Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love ThursdayLe Love List! I don’t feel like much has happened in the last week because I have mostly been in bed! But even so, I love… Flower crowns — I cannot get enough of that wonderful stuff. I have been wearing mine pretty much every day since I got it, & it makes me so happy! I really miss having pink hair sometimes, even though I am pleased to be a blonde. I don’t know if I will ever go back to pink hair, because I feel like it does all your talking for you. Does that make sense? Anyway, I love the way pink looks on my noggin & wearing this crown fulfills all my pink-lust!

Being a blondie! They have more fun, apparently! I also feel like a magical nymph… & that’s tough to beat!

Getting some rest. It has been good for me! I spent plenty of time in bed, watching stuff which made me laugh. (It’s the best medicine, you know!) Hank Williams & I cuddled up beneath the blankets & watched Dane Cook, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, multiple National Lampoon Vacation movies, Death Becomes Her & many, many episodes of Sex & The City. (I am still really excited about Sex & The City 2. Are you?) & I feel almost 100%. One day I will be a real girl again!

Hank Williams! ALWAYS. I love this dog more than you could possibly imagine. I don’t even like to leave the house because he looks so sad when I do! He cuddles me when I am sick, walks into my office to check on me when I’m working, & is always wagging his tail. I tell him I love him so many times a day! He is the best dog ever. I can’t even put it into words. It makes me so happy just to have him in my life.

Things I Love Thursday Littles: Listening to Stankonia on a beautiful spring morning; humming along to Frank Sinatra (very Momma Darling); when The Dish secretly takes over my Twitter account (1,2); hanging out with the dinosaurs from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure!; letters from Angeliska full of Indian money & fancy, curly handwriting; Chanel cocktails (!) with a sprig of thyme in the glass, sipped on a balcony on a Wednesday evening; seeing Yuli & Wendy (always a pleasure); coffee dates with Bryce (& her Ren-lookalike chihuahua, Spanky! I want Hank & Spanky to be best friends!); having women stop me on the street to tell me they love my flower crown!; having Tupac dance parties by myself; this tweet from Tamera (wish I could sometimes!); icicle rings (in my DREAMS); melatonin-induced sleep; Ludacris; hint of lime chips; neon pink lingerie; being in the New York Post (so funny!); seeing Regan ( ); talking to Amy & laughing like mad; scaling back the amount of makeup I wear (I have pretty much stopped wearing liquid foundation & I’m really happy about it); having a head full of ideas; Black To The Future (WHOAH, I saw an episode last night, it is my new favourite show!!!); having a house full of snacks (I am the snack queen!); kisses from The Dish in the morning (he is always my #1 ).

Man, it has been a hard week for everyone I know. Lots of love to anyone who needs it!

“No matter how bad it gets, I’m always grateful to know that I don’t have to stay with the negative!” (Maya Angelou)

By the way, I am really looking forward to Mercury going direct. (Tuesday!) It will mark the end of the ridiculousfest we have all been subject to! YAY! If you’re having trouble coping, I wrote a guide to surviving Mercury retrograde last year (& I updated the dates for 2010)!

What’s on your love list this week?