Things I Love Thursday

I made a little video for you this morning of things I love! (Which incidentally gives a little tour of my office, too!)

Tiny swoon-fest 2010: Really tight black jeans (I swear Uniqlo does the best denim ever, every time I go there I find the perfect jeans — & usually jean-shopping is my idea of hell); cotton candy crush; “if you ever need male attention, call me up & I’ll talk to you in a deep voice”; A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila (forgive me); the word ORCHIDACEOUS; The Cure’s greatest hits (on repeat); writing about & researching Michael Alig (quelle nut); late night bubblebaths with candles & silence; parties at Betsey Johnson; Iron Man 2 ( ); my KIN phone (totally in love); having Barbie hair!; being brutalised by a tiny Chinese woman (two hours of massage, accupressure & reflexology did me GOOD); going back to the gym (after un petit break) & looooooooving it; the New Zealand prime minister making jokes about cannibals (well, not so much something I love as something that is just gobsmacking… He is so inappropriate, it’s so embarrassing, I laughed when I read it out of pure shock); Snickers (yum); Trent Reznor’s new musical project (so good I had to listen to it again, &! the fact that his wife’s name is MARIQUEEN — magnificent!); la Shrinkle; 90’s hip-hop radio; good sandwiches; a head bursting with ideas; looking forward to VEGAS!, & stumbling upon this when I was walking home yesterday…

What made you smile this week?