Things I Love Thursday

For the benefit of those of you who are new to (HELLO!), here’s an introduction to Things I Love Thursday. TiLT is a place where we all share lists of the things which are making us happy this week. While the premise is simple, the impact is deep. It helps to shift your thinking towards positivity, it makes you more aware of your blessings & is a time to reflect on all the wonderful things in your life. I’ve been doing it for 138 weeks (haha!), which is over 2.5 years, & it has changed my life for the better in a massively beautiful way. Even if you don’t post your list below, take some time to write yourself a mini-TiLT on a Post-It, & see how much better you feel!

Here’s my list…

Un année avec Le Dish… Or at least, one year since our first date! We ended up celebrating all weekend, going on lots of motorcycle rides, enjoying the sunshine, laughing & kissing. I am really happy with him!! You may have noticed my face moving in the sidebar! This service is so much fun (& 100% freeeee!). I discovered it almost accidentally, & now I am a total addict. It’s just a really cute easy way of doing an update, I love it! I would also love it if you signed up! Comment with your username so I can watch all your faces! Okay?!

Yummiest! Mexican breakfasts; taking Hank on adventures; VH1’s Undateable series (so funny); watching The Craft on a lazy Sunday afternoon; cashmere hoodies; “may I just say… mazel tov”; waking up with the puppy spooning me; this t-shirt (which I have been wearing constantly); being interviewed as I walk around Old Navy of all places; “if you were a dessert, you’d be apple grumble”; polka-dots; R. Kelly; The Millionaire Matchmaker; forever blowing bubbles; having really vivid dreams every night; the name “Legs Diamond”; Tiger Balm patches (a to the mazing!); sloth orphanages; buying eye glitter at the New York Makeup Show; skirts covered in crystals; this photograph; that #songstohavesexto is trending on Twitter; making plans to get rid of cable television (I can’t tell you how happy this makes me!); (cute, basically a clever & simple way of aggregating all your stuff in one place); walking through Chelsea with sweet girls from the Midwest; the black & white photobooth at Ace Hotel; enormous 1950s skirts; purple macarons; giving Hank a bath; pink peonies at every convenience store; cake hats; pink pearl headbands; Ludacris & finally, this quote from the New York Times

Her next book, on “radical self-love,” is only “partially about masturbation.”

HAHA! Too good.

I want to hear the best parts of your week… So please indulge me!