Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

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False eyelashes — At the moment, I wear them almost every day. I adore them! I like to bat them & pretend to be Bambi. I have a pair which are decorated with little pearls & they kind of make me feel like Marie Antoinette. …Marie Antoinette with neon purple hair. But you know what I mean!

Accents — I am on a big accent kick right now. I just love them! They’re so interesting! I always think about them a lot because my accent is weird, kind of a British/New Zealand mix, & Australian accents are still really bizarre to me! I think that if someone’s words are the outline of a drawing, accents are the colour within the lines. They tell stories of where people came from & where they have been. As a child I used to speak in different accents all the time & record them on a dictaphone!

Saying “epic”, “major” & “so very” — I can’t help myself. I say these things all the time. I picked “major” up from Ms Beckham — it is fabulous. & I said “epic” at least 5 times in my last makeup class. (To be fair, we were looking at really major [ha!] fashion eye makeup, & it WAS epic!)

My stubbed toe — Usually not so cool (I walked into the trampoline, OUCH!), but it’s turning purple & I think it’s kind of sweet because it looks like it’s trying to match my hair! Maybe it just felt left out… I am giving it lots of love just in case.

Breaking free of my hermit shackles — I am a bit of a workaholic so it’s very easy for me to abandon the outside world in favour of typing away at my desk. From now until the new year, we’re going to have about 8 visitors (!!!) from NZ & the UK, & in the next two days I have social occasions with two people I have never met before. Exciting!

My boyfriend — aka King Gimlet! (Gimlet is my new pet name for pretty much everyone, but my boyfriend is the King of them!) He does this really neat all-singing, all-dancing breakfast weasel act which I really like. Also we sometimes have lobster fights which is where you put your elbows up in front of you & try to grab the other person’s head between them. It is way more fun than it sounds. Simon

Honourable mentions: “Clicking” with people; shiny new opportunities; fossicking around with my new hairstyle; rediscovering old music (at the moment it’s Tool, which I haven’t listened to in years!); baby blue & baby pink; hair dusted with candy-scented powder; making faces at the window cleaners (it cracks me up); Christmas lillies (snow white with hot pink spots!); clearing out my inbox; full-length fur coats; eyeballing all the purikura sheets I have clipped to my desk lamp; Disneyland; sticking jewels & crystals on my face; eating an ice-cream while watching A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila (& further to that, Domenico & Amanda & Bobby & Dani — it took me a long time to like her, but I do); Turkish delight; this picture & secret admirers!

Oh, & this video.

“Nothing is worth more than this day.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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