Things I Love Thursday


Oh yes, “u” do! & so do all these things! Here’s my list o’ lovin’! (All my loving! I will send to you! All my loving! Darling, I’ll be true!)

Oui, c’est vrai!

Bruce Sterlinglegendary cyberpunk author — saying of my Psychedelic Ladies Who Lunch piece, “Why have I been spared the presence of these urchins??” WOW!!! Highlight of my year!

New hair! It is cute & I feel like I actually have a hairstyle for a change, as opposed to a big mop. I went & had my extensions moved up on Sunday, & had my roots done & my hair cut yesterday! It is now a bob & I am still adjusting but I like it! (It always takes me a couple of days…)

Taking long boozy lunches with Molly, which include two desserts, walking around in the fantastic weather & very candid conversation. ()

Wearing Wildfox Couture obsessively & loving it. I am usually not a t-shirt or sweatshirt kinda girl but the things they sent me are so painfully, insanely rad that I can’t help myself!

Integrating Dolly Darling into our household & watching it all unfold. She & Hank are getting along really well. He likes to lick her head & she follows him everywhere he goes. It is HEARTBREAKING. & adorable. She seems really happy to have a home, & we couldn’t be more delighted to have her.

Honorary mentions: Wearing sequinned Adidas x Jeremy Scott trackpants to the gym (I bought them on eBay!); rose quartz & amethyst bracelets bought right after I imagined them (& they were on sale!); filling my Filofax with PostIt notes; being ahead on my work; a skinny silver ring with a row of cubic zirconia; surprise birthday parties with helium balloons & Japanese cake; bloody good hair; my new HTC Incredible phone (it was a gift, & it is amazing); Baked Alaska at Standard Grill shared with my galactic twin; summertime Manhattan strolls; motorcycle rides at dusk; going back to the gym after two weeks off (feels GOOD girl!); the fact that Entourage starts again in two weeks (!!!); cocktails made with ginger ale on a Tuesday afternoon; cherry smoothies; Dolly’s sneaky Houndini moves; researching yoga retreats; all the people I follow on Twitter (so inspiring!); having a sweet puppy audience while I work; looking forward to seeing Zoetica again soon!; long slinky raspberry maxi dresses from Victoria’s Secret (which feels delicious & which I have been wearing while writing, dog walking, sleeping, etc.); buying big bags of chocolates; dark chocolate-covered ginger (my favourite vice!); polka-dot dresses & studded sneakers!

What is leaving you breathless this week? Let’s get gaspy!