Things I Love Thursday

On my love list this week…

The Juice Press, otherwise known as a raw foodist’s holy grail. I read about this place a couple of weeks ago & had been meaning to go by, but never got around to it. When I went to see Yuli the other day, I realised it was right around the corner & decided to pop in. OH MY. I ordered a D-tox Super Smoothie. The ingredients? Coconut water & meat, acai berry, agave nectar, raw cacao, vanilla, mint, cashew, “a very special fruit ingredient” & coconut oil. It was seriously THE BEST smoothie I have ever had, even better (if you can believe it) than the Chocolate Prana smoothie at Daily Juice in Austin. It was thick & intoxicating & incredible. The people who work there are really friendly & have super clear, bright eyes. (For some reason, a lot of raw food places have mega Attitude. It totally puts me off. The Juice Press does not & I LOVE them for it.) They also have food, sandwiches, do juice cleanses, & they deliver! WHAT! It’s like heaven! It was pretty orgasmic, generally. You should go. I am going to be there every morning. Join me!

Standing still in Tompkins Square Park as fireflies blinked all around us. The other day, after a rainstorm, The Dish & I took Hank & Dolly for a walk. The sun had just gone down, & as we walked through the park, we noticed hundreds — literally, hundreds — of fireflies all around us. The park was practically empty, it was just us & the dogs & the fireflies, blinking & floating all around us. Sublime.

Lazy summer days… To me this means long walks in the sunshine. That delicious rush of relief when you walk into an air conditioned shop. Stopping in at a bodega to buy an ice-cream, drinking litres & litres of chilled water, & taking all your clothes off as soon as you get back to your apartment. Feeling the sweat glisten on your body & not caring. Passing out in a cool, darkened room & waking up with dishevelled hair. Tanned skin & kissing on street corners. What does summer look like for you?

Little starbursts: Scott Vener’s birthday mix (honestly, seriously, completely & utterly cannot stop listening — did you know he is the music supervisor on Entourage? No big shock, huh?); having a bright pink case for my HTC Incredible (pretty & functional = rad); rubbing Skin & Bones all over my arms & smelling it all day; watching make-up tutorials on Youtube & following along (makes for an excellent crash course & is a fantastic way to get yourself out of your standard routine); watching Hank & Dolly cuddle (melts the old heart it does); finally emailing people back; healthy lunches (wild Alaskan halibut & green beans); catching up on old Entourage episodes before the new season starts on Sunday; a fridge full of food (thanks, FreshDirect, your existence ensures I never have to go to the supermarket!); obsessing over the concept of personalised stationery; my rad strong sexy girlfriend telling a lame boy to get knotted; the way my body feels like taffy &/or clouds after working out; “IHRE HARDCORE ODER NICHTS!”; watching Reservoir Dogs for the first time on Tuesday night, & seeing Mr. Orange (Tim Roth!) working out at my gym the next day!; soft cotton t-shirts & tinted lip gloss; & well, Le Dish in general! He is a pretty excellent boyfriend — he’s thoughtful, sexy & he races motorcycles. What more could anyone want?

Also, seeing Hank & Dolly’s tails wagging is one of my favourite things in the entire universe.

“…choose to believe in your own myth
your own glamour
your own spell
a young woman who does this
(even if she is just pretending)
has everything….”
(Francesca Lia Block)

What has been lighting up your galaxy this week? Write your list below, ’cause we love to read them!

P.S. If you’ve been having a bit of a rough week, fear not — we’re having an eclipse. Next week will feel a trillion times better. Hang in there!