Things I Love Thursday

Love, love, love…

A certainly-not-exhaustive list of things I am loving, appreciating, & grateful for this week… I’d love to read yours, too!

Realising how far I’ve come. I’ve been coming to grips with some things it has taken me a while to get a handle on. Some of them seem like little things, but I can tell that the shift is indicative of how much I’ve grown over the last few years. For example, I had to get my make-up done twice this week. Usually when I am sitting in the chair & they ask what I want, I say, “Whatever you like! Go nuts.” This week, both times, I said, “I like a matte face, lots of cheekbone action, classic black but exaggerated winged eyeliner, & almost nude lips.” While this may not seem like a big deal, I feel like I know what I want now, & I’m not afraid of expressing it. I’m more sure of myself, & as a consequence I’m becoming more comfortable with asking for what I want, in all areas of my life. That means a lot to me!

If I don’t think HELL YEAH, the answer is HELL NO! I’m being much, much, much more picky about the projects I accept, & finally putting into practice the idea that unless something is really exciting, I say no. It’s GREAT, it frees up so much of your time & instead you get to work on the stuff which you’re really into. Brilliant!

Gala Darling on Facebook! Everyone on there is so cute & rad! You should join us. I’m giving away five subscriptions to Love & Sequins there this week, & there are already conversations & loveliness going on!

San Francisco & Los Angeles excitement! The (tentative) plan? Two nights in San Francisco, then roadtrip to L.A. with none other than Miss SHRINKLE! Attend a Francesca Lia Block reading! See Jazzi, Zoetica & Barbie, do some serious vintage shopping & spend some time by the ocean! Yes please!

Miniature melting moments…

Meet In Tha Middle; Dolly sliding down the back of the bed into the bookcase in the middle of the night!; drinking chocolate milkshakes & watching funny movies; having a cuddle party; sweet talented make-up artists; sweet talented photographers!; walking around a drugstore in a trance & walking out with three new bottles of nailpolish, Post It notes, lip balm, black Pilot V7 pens, etc.; both puppies lying on the couch next to me watching me work; pink glitter shoes; listening to The Flashbulb; “Babe, help me!”; when a song you love but haven’t heard in FOREVER starts playing; huge procellous clouds above Manhattan; my new enormous whiteboard which I’m using to organise my ten trillion new projects; having a drawer full of clean, cute underwear (such a good feeling!); cleaning obsessively; false eyelashes; researching hotels; chocolate for breakfast!; taking photos with a bunch of teenage boys without shirts on (I seriously cannot wait to show you the pictures!); The Dish for being a killer cutie & listening to what I say & putting it into action; Paris Hilton: “J’adore Christian Louboutin” (me too, girl); vintage sequinned Lanvin shrugs; Bellinis for breakfast; drag queen grandma interior design; singing along to The Beatles when I’m nervous; special hot dogs; always being glad to move onwards & upwards, never looking back.

By the way, deleting 38,000 emails is still one of the best things I’ve done in ages. I recommend it!

“I bless others’ good fortune, & I know that there is plenty for all.”(Louise L. Hay)