Things I Love Thursday

Vanilla explosion! I went into Lush Cosmetics on Tuesday afternoon to see what was new in their world. I usually stick to my old favourites when I go in there (Rock Star, Alkmaar, Honey I Washed The Kids) but couldn’t help sampling some of their new products & fell head-over-heels in love with their new vanilla products! Vanilla Dee-Lite has coconut water & oil in it (& yes, you can smell it, hello, summer!) & Vanillary perfume is vanilla absolute with tonka absolute, OH MY GOSH. I have been coating myself with the lotion after showering & then spraying on a bit of the perfume before I walk out the door & oh I smell good! Stick your nose in a Lush shop today & have a big whiff!

Australia’s Next Top Model! I am an unabashed fan of the Top Model franchise, though I haven’t watched any of the American series since season 9 (where Saleisha won & Heather, who I ADORED, did not). Anyway, that is neither here nor there. The Australian franchise is great. (I still love Paloma, don’t you?) It just started so download it & enjoy! I love Charlotte & Alex for being so upfront about their Botox obsession, too. “If I could raise my eyebrow, I would.” PERFECT! (Also, did you hear about Cassi calling the French “snail slurpers” & “frog eaters” on Facebook? Oh, girl! Come on!)

Watching The IT Crowd with The Dish & laughing & laughing & laughing. Such a good show, especially for anyone who has ever worked on a helpdesk, at an ISP, or knows anything to do with computers. You should definitely watch it!

Going for long walks with The Dish & talking the whole way. It’s one of my favourite things to do with him.

…Yeah! It has been a quiet week (busy finishing off Love & Sequins #10!) so there hasn’t been a lot of action, but the next few weeks will more than make up for it!

Les petites: Feeling floaty after a long work-out; Klondike bars (only tried them for the first time last weekend — I am a fan); balloon installations; Ice Cube at 9am; moving the Coilhouse magazines to the front of the stacks when I visit Barnes & Noble (hey, a girl’s gotta help her friends as much as she can — not that they need my help, have you SEEN Coilhouse?!); the fact that my dog is a beanbag; obsessing over Iceland; eyeballs in the park; further refining my style direction for F/W10 (watch this space); leopard print sports bras (oui! I work out in these); having an “animal print moment”; Jeff Koons (clearly); “Me Tarzan, you knickers off”; watching Inception (which I enjoyed very much) while drinking a huge bucket of Coke (ewww but yaaaaay); Shae who is very brilliant & inspiring & who I’m so looking forward to seeing on Saturday!; Chloe’s first video project (ahhhhhhhhhhhh cute); excitement about California (I am having to cut my trip short by a few days BUT it’s for a good reason, more details to come!); planning adventures with Jazzi Nubby Chloe Amy Lydia et al; finally eating when you’re starving; the Twitter water buddy system (it’s simple — every now & then, you just tweet reminding your followers to drink water! I remind you, you remind me, it all works out!); laughing while I work out; Lebanese food; the relief of having completed L&S10!; all the lovely responses to my knicker photos the other day (thank you so much!); cuddling with Dishy. I love him. You know that, right?

Heaven is whenever…(The Hold Steady)

What are you crushing on this week? A cute girl, your new blazer, a core-shaking idea? Please share it with us!