Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love ThursdayMagic feets!(& new lens tests!)

Love on a plane!

PROP 8 OVERTURNED! Best news ever! I’m so excited & pleased. & how brill to be visiting California the day after! I am all about some festive atmosphere! Let’s do it!

My new 35mm lens! I am not a camera genius by any stretch of the imagination but the other day I decided it was time for a new lens for my camera. The lens on my Nikon D80 which I use for practically everything is SUPER-hefty & a total bummer to lug all over the universe. Et voila, now I have a 35mm which is basically orgiastic & brilliantine & I LOVE IT. It gives THE BEST depth of field, very sexy, & I am so thrilled to use it in California! (It is the lens I used for my outfit photos this morning!)

Flying Virgin America! I know I’ve said it before & I promise they don’t pay me to promote them! (I wish they would though!) I love flying with them. As you read this, I am in the sky, plugged into a power outlet & wifi’ing it up, chatting up a storm on AIM while pretending to be productive. Delicious! Soon I will be in San Francisco! Even better.

Girl Time: 100% Pure & Natural, Not From Concentrate! I love estrogen & spending time with my girlfriends. Dress up parties & photos AHOY!!!

Things I Love ThursdayPhoto by sugarock.

Hello, you fool, I love you:

(Come join the joyride…) Listening to our (by which I mean Nubby & I) old favourite Smooth Holiday in preparation for Virgo pandemonium!; using Sunday to get things done (writing, emails, eyebrows, hairdresser, even deleting files off ye olde desktop!); wonderful barbeques with great women (& their husbands); having the BEST boyfriend in the known Universe (FACT — don’t even quibble with me!) who buys me chocolate peanut butter shakes, redesigns my site on a whim when he has much more interesting things he could be doing & fixes my bag when it BREAKS in the street — oh, quelle keeper; obsessing over fall fashion (leather jackets, blazers, boots, etc. etc. etc. ad finitum); going to cocktail parties looking more than a little Cabaret & knowing more than half the people there; after-hours shopping adventures at Rugby Ralph Lauren (FANCY + fun = !!!); candlelight dinners & spirit sticks & miniature jars of pickles at The Lion; not putting sugar in my iced soy latte; Crif Dogs (delivered!); playing Buck Hunter with The Dish (I was actually pretty good! Don’t let him tell you otherwise!); “oh merde” t-shirts; “Your vagina needs adventures”; Van Morrison; Catch Me In Your Net (by OPI) on my nails; French Picnic sandwiches; scotch; excitement about lots of changes a-coming; thinking about being a peacock for halloween; ROYCE & MARILYN (just you wait); DISNEYLAND ANTICIPATION!; “nougatty f*ck!”; The Dish. Always & forever.

What is filling your heart with images of little fluffy bunnies & glitter cannons this week?!