Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love ThursdayPhoto by Zoetica Ebb.

This week I love…

Shooting with Shae! Yesterday, my seriously talented friend Shae & I drove out to the middle of Pennsylvania so we could take some photographs. It was such a long day but was super-funny. Undressing in the middle of the forest, scrambling up hills using my nails to grip onto tree roots, wearing Zac Posen in the middle of a cornfield & Shae saying, “Pretend you’re in a Neil Young video! HARVEST MOON!” We ended the day with a massive feast at Carraba’s & drove back to New York City in the dark, talking the whole way. She is such a lovely, fun girl, I’m so glad to have met her. I always enjoy myself when I’m around her, her energy & enthusiasm is infectious! I can’t wait to see what comes out of her camera — shooting with her was a wonderful experience & I know she’s going to go a long way!

& the following exploding galaxies: Walking around flea markets with The Dish; The Fall (so very beautiful & made me want to wear emerald green silk while riding across the desert); Pepto-Bismol pink toenails & perfect mint green fingers; Agent Provocateur daydreams; urban death slalom in rhinestone platforms; easter egg coloured fur coats & top hats; meeting sweet family members & petting little dogs; watching Australia’s Next Top Model in bed (my picks for the final three: Kelsey, Joanna, Amanda — what do you think?); boys who make you bacon & eggs for breakfast; sleeping all day when you need to (which is exactly what I did today); Indian feasts with onion bhaji & mango lassi (mmmmm!); puppy snuggles; racy dreams; floating around in long pink slip dresses; mud on your best shoes & irridescent pink beetles.

Things I Love ThursdayPhoto by Zoetica Ebb.

“I come from elegance, darling, ELEGANCE! Gorgeous people doing elegant things… We wore gorgeous clothes, dresses trimmed in real ermine & we dined at Chasens & L’Escoffier… We did sambas & cha-chas & everyone knew everyone else from NewYork, Paris, Rio de Janeiro… & it’s all gone! Gone! Just this GARBAGE now… Nobody’s from nowhere… Barbie dolls who know NOTHING! They wear diamonds at NOON!! & I’m stuck´╗┐ in this SHITHOLE! Christ! God on a WHEEL!”(Royce. The obsession continues…)