Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

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I hear a rumour (!) that it’s Thanksgiving in the United States. Well, while you’re enjoying that last piece of pumpkin pie, be sure to do some actual thanksgiving here! Here’s my list…

Plain black Zorro-esque masks. I love them so much! I kind of want one to wear out on Friday night, too…

Good Japanese food! I found a place which serves super-tasty agedashi tofu for a pittance. It also happens to be less than 5 minutes from my house. So much happiness! Doki doki!

Naturally occurring phenomena like phosphorescence, the Northern Lights & crystal formations. The world is an amazing place & I think it’s important to keep sight of that. One of my goals for a long time has been to visit Sweden & photograph the Northern Lights… & now I want to go swimming in a bio-luminescent bay, too. One day!

Breakfast in bed. Admittedly, I am a very spoiled girl. When I lived with my parents & was going to school, my mother would bring me breakfast in bed every morning because otherwise I wouldn’t eat anything before leaving the house. It doesn’t happen so much these days, but today is foggy & rainy & I want to stay in all day. Super-boyfriend to the rescue! He brought me coffee & a bagel. Miam miam.

Nostalgia & going through old photos. So many “What was I wearing?!” moments (viz!), though admittedly I do adore looking at how my style has evolved. The great thing is that everything has changed — my makeup & hair, piercings, the way I put clothing together, etc. Examining progress is so interesting & totally rad.

Cupcake anticipation! On Saturday morning I’m going to collect a dozen cupcakes from a super girl who has just opened her own cupcake business called Sugadeaux! I’m going to be receiving 6 peanut butter chocolate (mmmmm) & 6 mocha, & I am SO excited about it! Man, good cupcakes are really hard to beat. Imagine me hopping from foot to foot with extreme glee, & you get some idea of how thrilled I am!

Actually, peanut butter chocolate anything. Americans really know how to do this well, but from what I’ve seen, it’s pretty much a non-existent flavour outside of the USA. I just found out about Reese’s Dessert Bar Mixes. YUM…

The Rooftop Cinema. It opened two days ago & is an excellent way to spend an evening. Lounging in a deckchair, watching Ghostbusters atop a sea of astroturf, drinking a cocktail & eating a burger. Yes please. & if you see me there, say hello!

Honourable mentions: Crests & emblems & coats of arms; skinny dipping (to do this summer!); rose-flavoured Turkish Delight (I try to have it in the house at all times); really good & salty chicken & sweet corn soup; hilarious spam (“This will stuff more than your turkey” ?!&%#@%!); plotting my summer; A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila (forever & ever); promotional codes (for you aspiring preps, enter HOL2007 at Ralph Lauren before the 10th of December for 30% off!); fabulous manicures; sleeping in; inspiration & joy, style & substance.

“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.” — Dalai Lama

Now it’s your turn to share the things that give you butterflies & make you dizzy with excitement! Make it count!