Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

It’s my favourite month of the year, but then, I am a super-biased Virgo! It’s the month of New York Fashion Week, multiple birthday parties, & the weather oh-so-slowly creeping towards Autumn. There might even be occasion to bust out a cardigan! REJOICE!

September is going to be a big one for me. I wish I could give you more details, but sadly for now I need to be ~*~cryptic~*~. It’ll be worth the wait when it all comes to the surface, I promise!

Now then, as part of my radical self-love practice (nudge nudge!), here’s my gratitude list for the week. It’s also the best remedy for a surly mood that I know of. Give it a go!

Big Tom is this amazing spiced tomato juice which I am obsessed with. I am averaging one 750ml bottle a day at the moment. It’s delicious & all-natural & makes your mouth flush red. Does it mean something when you’re craving tomato juice?! Regardless, it is obscenely delicious.

Sitting in parks with Chloe! I met her in the West Village the other day because she has just come back from living in L.A. for the last FOUR MONTHS (can you believe it?!). It was so good to see her again! She makes me laugh & she gives the most genuine hugs of anyone I’ve ever met. I would like to have her around me all the time!

Trying to find a hotel in NYC for my mother. Well, that wasn’t the fun bit really, but reading the titles of the hotel reviews (on TripAdvisor) was so funny. My favourites include: “Nightmare in Chinatown!” “Nasty but legendary” “Surrealistic” “I’d rather take a nap at the Macy’s bathroom than this place” “TINY, DEPRESSING & FILTHY!!” “Great place, shame about the people” Hahah! Anyway, not to worry, we found her something fabulous. I’m so excited about seeing her again!

Things I Love ThursdayOne of my vision boards…

Things I Love Thursday

Caramel macaroons; kisses goodbye while I’m still sleeping; finding an amazing park (with shade, a table & !!!free wifi!!!) to work in on Sunday; listening to The Current late at night; perfect sandwiches; Getting Organised (capital G, capital O); designing shoes (I’m not even kidding, JUST YOU WAIT); wearing a boater hat all the time; Sabina Kelley (hellooooo); “She’s really beautiful, she looks like a female Michael Jackson” (yeah, you can guess who I was talking about!); finally going back to the gym & having a really good time; women who will hold incredible pairs of shoes for you; everything happening at once; Gmail’s Priority Inbox (YES); an old guy coming up to me & telling me he wanted a “tribunal tattoo” — I think he meant tribal, but it’s aiiight!; working with my feet in a foot spa; getting reflexology & feeling like it unlocked my brain (all of a sudden I was awash with ideas, reflexology is great like that); this photo of Hank & Dolly (they’re so cute, it shouldn’t even be LEGAL to be that cute); trying on fantastic jackets at Coach (1 2 3) which made me seriously yearn for crisper weather; being hit on by a toothless lesbian in the West Village (I miss that neighbourhood!); planning Autumn outfits in my Filofax since I can’t wear any of it yet; when The Dish spends hours making me elaborate meals (swoon); getting really dressed up just to walk the dogs (I’m bringing fancy back!); Chimes Ginger Chews (MAJOR obsession); spending Sunday in an stationery shop & re-working my office; pink citron & macaron candles by Votivo (can’t even tell you); second-hand bookshops; holding hands with The Dish; when Dolly is an excited squirming monster in the mornings!

I’d love to read your list, too! Submit it below, or post it on your own blog & link it so we can see it!

P.S. I’m judging the DRESS! Gala For Her Birthday! & WIN! A Huge Prize Pack! competition later on today, so if you forgot to enter… or think you could improve on your initial entry (!), you better get to it!