Things I Love Thursday (The Late Edition!)

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love ThursdayPhoto of the Four Mile Canyon Fire in Colorado by Drew Levin. Also, here’s how to help.

Speaking at Evolving Influence!

Yesterday’s major activity was speaking at Evolving Influence, & it was brilliant! I HAD THE BEST TIME! I was speaking on cultivating a passionate audience, & people seemed to really enjoy it, which is, of course, the whole point! I spoke for 20 minutes & then opened it up for Q&A, which is always my favourite bit. The 40 minutes we spent together were a good time, including me telling everyone I felt like a moth staring into the bright lights, swearing like a sailor (um, sorry!) & twirling for maximum outfit impact!

Afterwards, I went out into the lobby & met soooo so so so many amazing people, who were so sweet to me & said the loveliest things. I appreciated it so much! I think I said this after the last IFB conference, but actually speaking to people in person is so different from blogging, & it always reminds me of what an amazing, incredible readership I have.

It also reminds me of how fantastic the blogging community is. Everyone I met yesterday — even everyone who I merely exchanged glances with — was SO cool, so genuine, so friendly & rad. It makes me proud to be part of the group, & even more humbled & honoured to be asked to share my experiences with you.

Evolving Influence kicked MAJOR ASS. Jennine did such an unbelievable job, I don’t know how she even BEGINS to put these events together! The conference in February was insane, & this one even moreso. Jennine’s a killer! Thank you so much for inviting me back to speak — it’s one of my absolute favourite things to do, even though I always feel like I am going to vomit all over myself when I’m on my way to the venue! HA!

If you met me yesterday, thanks so much for coming up to speak to me, & I wish we could have had more time together! My heart is bursting, overflowing with love for the people I met today, & the old friends I was able to reconnect with (however briefly). I cannot tell you how much I appreciate being asked to share with you & speak with you. LOVE!!!

I should have a video of my talk as well as a video post-interview to show you soon, so sit tight!

Things I Love Thursday

Seeing Jazzi in the front row during my talk! Also, catching up afterwards & looking forward to spending much more time together The fact that Nubby arrives tomorrow morning! The Dish Very cute interactions “backstage” with Susie Bubble & Rumi who are both exceptionally sweet! Watching Hank & Dolly curl up with one another! Tired Pony Staying up past midnight doing party planning! Dubstep Way too many human-sized glitter skulls! Envelopes with my mother’s distinctive handwriting on the front Miniature bubble machines George Michael Sweet, easy-to-wear ruffle-front dresses CARDIGANS!!! (It has been chilly this week!) Surprise gifts from Jessica Kagan Cushman (she sent me the Truly fabulous people never get dressed before lunchtime bracelet which I adore!) Freaking out over these chilli chocolates which sparkle & look like JEWELS, oh my god! Um, maybe it is naughty of me to say this but deciding to sit out fashion week feels REALLY GOOD! My best friends are in town & I would so rather see them! Obsessing over Australia’s Next Top Model (I want Kelsey to win, how about you?) Sundried tomato & basil Wheat Thins (you may think I am crazy but if you’ve tried them, you will understand! Amy was practically pouring them in my mouth on our roadtrip!) Oh, also, Darling eye shadow by Sugarpill! Bless! Hats, stockings & boots… Secret amazing chicken BLT sandwiches (a Dish special) Meeting The Dish for lunch in general — it’s such a nice way to break up the day Looking forward to doing some major girl stuff with Nubby & Jazzi! Birthday party anticipation The major adrenaline rush you feel after having been on stage (always forget how good it feels) “What’s a two-way petting zoo?” “You pet the animals & they pet you back…”