Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love ThursdayMiles Aldridge for Teen Vogue. It almost makes me wanna go camping! …Almost.

Obsessing over Musha Cay!

I just found out about them when I was reading up on David Copperfield… as you do. Musha Cay is a collection of islands in the Bahamas which are owned by Mr Copperfield himself, & you can stay there privately with up to 20 guests. David Copperfield & his creative team have made all these adventures, like the Treasure of Copperfield Bay with caves & pirates & amazingness! Are you for real?! I really want to go! Wouldn’t it be so brilliant?

Having said that, I think the whole thing would be perfect for the premise of a grisly story. Imagine this in the movie trailer voice: “Ten happy couples went to stay on a magician’s island… WHO WILL SURVIVE?” Right?!

Things I Love Thursday

New glasses!

I love them!!! They’re vintage frames & I picked them up at Fabulous Fanny’s, which has an incredible collection of glasses which will make your heart stop. These ones were hidden in a drawer with a label which said RHINESTONES. I think they’re very Dame Edna, who was obviously one of my early style icons!

To me, these frames are symbolic: they represent seeing with new eyes, having a fresh, clear vision, & they remind me to always look through rose-tinted (crystal-covered!) glasses!

Very psychedelic ladies who lunch, very Gossip Girl on acid. Sparklemania! Happy birthday to ME!

The Dish — aka Mike — who rocks my world.

HONESTLY… He is so great. It’s difficult to put into words. He makes me so happy & there’s nothing better than living with your best friend! I try not to go on about it because people probably don’t want to hear it, & I don’t want to embarrass him, but he is my rock. I love him.

Spending lots of time with my favourite girls!

It’s so much fun to have everyone in the same place, catch up on news & plot! It feels like a million years since I last saw Jazzi, & even though I saw Nubby last month, I feel like we could never get our fill of one another! There are always new ideas to explore, more photos to take & bigger adventures to embark on!

I love Molly, Nubby & Jazzi so much! They are excellent people! I’m so fortunate that Molly lives in my city, & that I see Nubby & Jazzi so often, even despite the massive amount of miles between us! LURVE!

Things I Love Thursday

Royal blue bowler hats leopard print cardigans caressing everything at Miu Miu & totally drooling custom-made birthday cards hundreds of birthday wishes (SO overwhelmed, thank you to all of you!!!) this cascading rhinestone necklace which makes lots of noise & is gorgeous that beautiful purple/blue colour (indigo?) expanding my collection of glittery skulls (who knows why? They make good hat-holders though!) To All My Friends: Blood Makes The Blade Holy (it is SO GOOD. My favourites? The Loser Wins & The Number None) ordering way-too-big milkshakes at Veselka while plotting with my favourite girls the fact that the girls from Australia’s Next Top Model went to Japan (so jealous! Okay, I really have to go!) going shopping with Nubby & buying the same dress (hers is black, while I bought one in magenta & one in royal blue) taking sneaky photos with Nubby! pre-birthday jambalaya (a Boyfriend Special (TM)) “It’s like that y’all, it’s like this y’all, I don’t get to call in sick y’all.”

Also… This is too funny not to include!

In April 2006, Copperfield and two female assistants were robbed at gunpoint after a performance in West Palm Beach, Florida. His assistants gave the robbers their money, passports and a cell phone. According to his police statement, Copperfield did not hand over anything, claiming that he used sleight of hand to hide his possessions. One of Copperfield’s assistants wrote down most of the license plate number, and the suspects were later arrested, tried and sentenced.

See?! Magic does have practical application!

Things I Love Thursday

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