Things I Love Thursday

I Married A Witch!

Things I Love Thursday

GYOZA (& gyoza stories) Glitter adventures in Tompkins Square Park Hayley Williams (I love her voice, & have adored Paramore since the beginning!) Crossing off everything on my to do list! Long walks through the East Village when there’s a chill in the air but absolutely no breeze — so beautiful! Pucci obsession! Waking up with Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings in my head This video How excited my boyfriend is about his HTC Evo (he keeps saying, “THIS IS AMAZING!!!”, it is SO cute) Date night & wearing my eyeball belt Indian Zen Developing a morning routine which really works (more details next week!) Looking forward to unveiling my new project!!! “You look like a Peep!” Vintage green dresses (I am on an emerald kick recently) Taking my extensions out (freedom!) Laughing so hard that you can’t drink your syrup! Chocolate salted frosting from Butter Lane (it is soooooooooo good) & the resulting naughtiness/awesomeness of eating a cupcake for breakfast “I don’t like winter either, but at least we have each other” Calling everyone “honeybunny” Discovering new teahouses Staying in when it’s cold outside F o c u s Hot beverages in a park with Nikola Disco squirrels Getting a good beating from my masseuse My amazing friend Bei getting photographed by David LaChapelle!!! (SO excited I could burst!) New music = happy eardrums Girl dinners & strong cocktails! Thinking about having a Buffy marathon (it’s almost Halloween, after all — by the way, I have no idea what I want to be or even do for Halloweenie!) …It has been a quiet week, & I like that.

By the way! If, by any chance, you are near Stembridge in Somerset, my uncle has a pub there! I spoke to my mother on the phone the other day, she had just been for the first time & she said it was amazing! So — on the off-chance there is someone in Somerset reading this (hey, stranger things have happened, & I know I have readers all over the place, including Kathmandu!) — go & eat there! It’s called The Rusty Axe! (Reminds me of Edward Gorey!)

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