Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

Right now

I’m sitting in a little teahouse that I just discovered, drinking Ayurvedic rose tea with rose water sourced from India. Rare gold & lavender grey pots of tea, with rose buds & mountain lavender floating in the cup… It is pretty divine.

Here’s my list of things I love this week!

My boyfriend, who is a motorcycle champion (& who, on Sunday, came home with the plaques & trophies to prove it)! He makes me tacos, he takes photos of me sleeping (weirdo!), makes the best puppy daddy & makes me laugh.

Super-long dinners with Shae where we both looked totally nuts & everyone in the restaurant stared at us out of the corners of their eyes! She wore a huge black hat & we talked excitedly, subjects dancing from art to our own projects to things we could collaborate on. Also, as we were about to leave, a woman came up to me & said, “I have been admiring your Pucci dress all evening! I love Pucci!” This happened last time I wore Pucci in public, too! If I was looking to hook up with a little old lady, I’d be SET!

Seeing Sarah Jessica Parker speak at 92Y. She is so sweet & likable, aw.

Later today, Shae is picking me up & we’re driving out to Pennsylvania for an awesome secret project! I will have the results by the end of the week & am already looking forward to sharing them with you!

This story which almost made me cry & is the most beautiful, perfect, pure example of thankfulness, gratitude & amazing strangers. Shilo, who emailed it to me, added, “I work with a lot of very young women who often act really catty and crappy to each other and it would have been SO easy for them to slag me in my own book but instead they chose to lay bare their own souls as well, and girl, that gives me hope for the world.” Me too!

& HUGE thanks MUST go out to Simon, who toiled tirelessly upgrading my site over the past couple of days. He is a champ! (I apologise a million times for my site’s glitchiness this week! It frustrated me too!)

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

That animated gif of Satan & cupcakes! Hahaha too good! Grilled cheese sandwiches & tomato soup Sea salt chocolate cupcakes from Butter Lane “You’re cute” text messages Amber by Autechre Watching Ace Of Cakes & Chopped while I respond to emails All the AMAZING career interviews I have lined up to share with you, & all the GREAT girls I am meeting through doing it! God, they’re so cool! “I like these leaves! They look like stars!” Crazy wiggly Dolly Mid-afternoon naps Talking to Amy & getting excited about seeing her in May! Watching old seasons of Australia’s Next Top Model & snacking Missy Elliott Looking forward to burger dates Having a big, full, social week! Planning outfits on Post-It Notes (old habits die hard!) “You sound like the Martha Stewart version of Christian Bale in American Psycho” Phonecalls with my friend Neil (who is a smartie) Cleaning out my closet (now I can actually find things, sanity has been restored to my life!) Taco night!

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