Things I Love Thursday

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New musique! Our friend Joel, DJ extraordinaire, stayed with us for a few days & left me a whole lot of music to listen to. My favourite tracks at the moment are Riot In Belgium – La Musique (Ooh Ee & Loot remix), Klaxons – Gravity’s Rainbow (Guns’n’bombs Freakout remix) & Justice – D.V.N.O. (LA Riots Bootleg).

Sofia Coppola — I just think she’s beautiful & amazing, especially in a suit. I also have a thing for this picture.

Cleaning & organising! I took my own advice yesterday & cleaned out my desk & bathroom cabinet(s). Needless to say, I threw out bags of stuff. Everything looks so much better! I feel empowered by cleanliness! Hooray!

Sweet little trinkets. My friend Yvonne recently sent me a tiny silver ring with a cupcake on the front. It is so small I’ve taken to wearing it on my middle finger, between my fingernail & the main joint. I adore it!

Gearing up for my Christmas vacation! Just un petit holiday, malheureusement — a few days. But I know how to make the most of the time, & it will be spent relaxing & getting pampered, spending time with my love & planning my moves for 2008. I swear, I am almost looking forward to quality time with my Moleskine more than I am the gamut of massages, facials, mud wraps etc. I have planned! What a geek, seriously! (I will still be posting while I’m away, so don’t fret! I love you too much to abandon you like that!)

Photocopying at the library! I’ve been visiting the library & making photocopies of pictures I like to clip to the line of fairy lights across the iCiNG Bowl. I want new pictures for the new year, to go with my new vision! In case you hadn’t figured it out by now, when the new year rolls around, I like to wipe EVERY slate imaginable!

Fresh flowers — I cannot begin to tell you how much pleasure the Christmas lilies on my desk have brought me this past week. They smell glorious & look fantastic. Crisp, clean & glamorous. Beautiful.

Dramatic aesthetics, not dramatic lifestyles. What else can I say?!

Paying attention to my appearance. Okay, honestly, I always do this, but at the moment I’ve been paying more attention than usual. I just had my eyebrows done, & they’re blue-black this time — très intense! I have a matching mani- & pedicure — Russian Navy by OPI with holographic glitter. & I just bought some MAC Studio Fix concealer, which I really love, much more than their other concealers. Like, it actually conceals things! YAY!

New York dreaming. Forever & always. Mmmm, yes. The Gramercy Park Hotel. The Plaza. The Soho House. Hot dogs. Wide streets & jaw-dropping skyscrapers. Gossip Girl continues to fuel my obsession, but oh, let’s just say I have a secret plan which makes me hyperventilate… (I had a dream about New York last night which was SO EXCITING that I had to wake up really early. Eeeeee!)

Mmmmm...Yum yum!

Honourable mentions: River by Joni Mitchell (best Christmas song ever); big hoop earrings; lists on index cards; avoiding the mall!; people who push aesthetic boundaries; charming people on the telephone; colourful shoes; a very optimistic Ebay watchlist; secret code languages.

“Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts.” — Henri Frederic Amiel

Alright, you! Out with it! This is the second-to-last Things I Love Thursday for 2007, so make it count, baby! Tell me what you’re grateful you learned this year. Write about your friends, your home, your love affairs, your amazing lasagne-making skills. Go! Scrawl it with all the power of your pulsating heart!