Things I Love Thursday

Flickr favourites

Dachshunds; the promise of spring; blue skies; pink blossoms; Japan (always); delicate sweets; new eye-wear; making birthday wishlists (stay tuned!); going on chocolate dates with cute friends; wearing lots of lip gloss & smiling at everyone; palm trees; dreaming of America; Black Rock City (wish I was there!); really high heels; weird people who ask if my hair is “real” & if they can “touch it”; kissing my boyfriend; back massages; hiding treats all around the house; hot pink Post It notes; matching underwear; marshmallow beds; people who write sweet emails; sending postcards; sparkly anything!

Here are links to the photos above:
1. Evan has be Crowned Prince of Leaves by Me. (series), 2. wanderlust, 3. Blossoms, 4. 梅 / うめ, 5. Pink Nails, 6. さくら / Sakura, 7. Solomon with his birthday treats, 8. さくら / Cherry, 9. さくら / Cherry, 10. さくら / Cherry, 11. curious, 12. Sakura_at_TOKYO_#2, 13. macarons, stacked, 14. on a stick, 15. spring dream, 16. Like fireworks

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