Things I Love Thursday

Photo key:
1. light & fantastic, 2. light & fantastic, 3. untitled, 4. lots of blue eggs, 5. jewel redux, 6. the raven mistress, 7. snipsnip, 8. light & fantastic.

Amazing people. Every day I am blown away by the people I attract. Fantastically inspiring raw foodists, upbeat & helpful publicists, excited nonpareils who find things online that they think I might like, & the list goes on. I feel so blessed to be able to choose who I interact with, & that the people who come to me are so frequently incredible. BIG HEART!

My new blender! & the amazing smoothies I’m making with it! My daily morning smoothie at the moment looks something like this — chocolate protein powder, Cadbury chocolate powder (eek — when I finish it up, I will buy some Green & Black’s chocolate drink mix), vanilla soy ice-cream, soy milk, ground linseeds & mixed berries. Délicieux!

Contemplating a raw diet. It’s scary & I am resisting it like mad, which makes me think I should probably do it! I’ve been upping my intake of fruits & vegetables, which is no small feat, since I am usually not into anything that doesn’t come wrapped in plastic. I am feeling pretty good but have been really hungry, so last night I gave in & ate pizza (& it didn’t even taste that good). Anyway, I’ll see how I go! I’ll write some more about my adventures in raw when I have more information for you!

Fun dreams — Last night I dreamt that I was about to be on the Oprah show. It was awesome. I think it might have been sparked by the O magazine next to my bed, but who cares? It was fun anyway!

“Business lunches” with Audrey which basically involve us drinking juice, sitting in the sun & plotting!

Ebay restraint — Yes, you heard right. Ebay restraint. I almost bought a bracelet on Ebay yesterday, but at the last moment, deleted it off my watchlist & walked away from the computer. Later, I went into Tiffany to try it on. I’m so glad I didn’t buy it. It was totally not me & not worth it!

This week’s TiLT mosaic — It makes me really happy. I have the big version set as my desktop wallpaper, & there is so much to look at! I keep rearranging my windows so I can see something lovely while I work.

My new orchid, Kioko. Name chosen by the lovely Cookie! Thank you so much! Kioko means “meets world with happiness”, & that is the PERFECT thing to have in the area where I work, create & interact with people across the world. (Does anyone know how to write Kioko in Kanji or something else?) Also, thank you so much to all my nonpareils for the amazing suggestions. I feel like I need to buy a whole lot more plants, just to use up the names! Kisses!

Sparklers! Especially when Audrey & I get our mitts on them!



“The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.” — Henry Miller

Well, babydoll, it’s that time again! Time for you to have a turn. Give us your lists of love, lust, marvel & magnificence! Bowl us over with the brilliance that is your life! Make us sweat green, envious tears!