Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday!

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Organisation! Simon just helped me devise a fantastic email system which makes my life so much easier. It feels really good to look at my inbox & be able to tell what is in there straight away. This is not the most exciting thing to share, I know, but it brings me MAJOR delight!

Talking bidness — By which, of course, I mean “talking business”. Sara of The Bargain Queen has been in town from Sydney & thus far I have taken her out to a clothing-themed bar (Seamstress) & eaten salad with her outside the State Library. Yesterday was our salad date & it was brilliant to speak to her about fashion blogging & hear her perspectives. It’s lovely to talk to someone who knows the industry & understands the very unique challenges it presents. She is jetting off to New York to live in late February (so jealous!), & will be leaving me alone in little ol’ Australia as the only full-time fashion blogger! Shock horror!

Easter eggs — I know it is totally obnoxious for them to be in the supermarket at all, but they are. (Still three months until Easter, geez!) & while they are definitely not raw (or even vegan), sometimes a girl just wants a cheap, dairy-laden thrill. For moments like that, a pack of miniature easter eggs is like the holy grail.

Huge reductions — At the start of winter, I tried on a pair of very cute shoes. They were $180 & at the time I had other more prudent places to throw my money, so I decided not to buy them. Imagine my glee at going back into the store to find them reduced to $30!!! I am going back to buy them today. They are beautiful. You will see!

Rain — It makes a lovely change from the searing heat of an Australian summer. Plus it helps to switch your mindset from “what is the piece of clothing that feels closest to being naked?” to “what looks good?”, which I appreciate. I am also a huge fan of big grey procellous skies, so it’s a win/win really.

Raw power! Eating raw continues to push my boundaries. I recently bought The Raw 50 by Carol Alt, a raw (un)cookbook, so that we could start introducing a bit more variety into our eating. Specifically I wanted to make some sweet, easy raw food for us to nibble on when we want snacks. Sometimes I just need a sugar/carb hit, you know? A lot of the stuff in there requires a dehydrator, which we don’t have, but there’s a recipe in there for strawberry tarts which look amazing & only require refrigeration, so that is my next task! Woop woop! Oh, & something else that’s interesting? My tastebuds are changing. Things that used to be delicious (rice crackers, croutons) are now bland & leave me feeling empty. Spooky!

James Marsters as Spike in Buffy — I admit it, I am officially in love after weeks of pussy-footing around the subject. & I am only onto Season 6 so don’t spoil anything for me please 😛

Comfortable clothing — I am pretty much living in pyjama pants at the moment. It’s not glamorous but it is fun!

Honourable mentions: Pharrell Williams (hot, hottie, hot); Agyness Deyn (so cute though I preferred her blonde…); watching thunderstorms roll across the city (I have a prime view from my desk); clothes as a gift from well-meaning sweeties; connecting with my nonpareils; flopping around in bed; flipping the page on my Vogue Paris 2008 calendar (officially tomorrow, but hey!); making cards of my goals which I review every morning & evening; big hopes for the future; content with the present.

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” — Albert Schweitzer

So tell me, cutie. What lit your flame this week?