Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday!

Here are the things that are making my heart go doki doki this week!

Fleetwood Mac — Especially after coming home from a long walk in the cold with my lover. (Last night we went for a walk to a place that does amazing chocolate drinks.) I like to lie on the bed in the living room, stare out at the night below, crank up Fleetwood Mac & start working. It makes me feel peaceful & energised all at the same time.

The iCiNG Community — It really struck me the other day, as I walked back from the post office, how good we have it here. The article I wrote the other day on A Passionless Marriage was what drove it home to me. A woman in a dissatisfying marriage wrote to me asking for my help, so I wrote her a piece outlining my thoughts on the matter, & the comments were an amazing outpouring of help, advice & wonderful, thoughtful insights. There were words from 60 year old women who have been married twice before, & 12 year old girls who have never dated. I can’t think of anywhere else online where such a diverse but positive crowd come together. I love you guys so much, & it makes me the happiest girl in the world to get to hang out with you every day!

Exploding Dog — I like this one: When I look at you, I get more ideas.

Wearing my hair in a chignon — I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s just that I never used to be able to do it, but I love putting my hair up in a loose bun! It makes me feel very effortlessly elegant & groomed. I am an addict!

Things I Love Thursday!This picture is amazing.

Notorious B.I.G. — I just do. He is great. It’s all about booty-shaking bass! I am usually pretty torn between trying to work out whether I like him or Tupac better, though I think I am ekeing over towards Tupac. Tupac was a hot, intelligent, awesome anarchist, & Biggie was… well, a crack dealer. So hey!

Dark chocolate with chilli — I know a lot of people think that sounds nuts, but it is seriously incredible. You don’t really taste the chilli at first, just chocolate, but after you swallow, your mouth fills with an amazing flavour. So good! If you can find some, you should definitely try it.

Having someone else pretty me up — There has been a lot of that lately, & I love not having to think about it & let a professional do what they do best! I had so much fun with Marie when we played with make-up the other day. Today I’m going to get my nails painted & I’m also going to Wildilocks, for more extensions & a trim (not sure how radical yet)! Yay!

Enjoying the calm before the storm — The first week of March is fashion week here in Melbourne & it is going to be intense. I have shows, concerts, seminars & exhibition openings coming out my ears! After that my parents are going to be here for a bit, & then I’m going to go to a seminar held by one of the coolest people ever (Mike Dooley !!!), & after that, I’m modelling for Dr Sketchy’s! Then I will collapse. It is going to be a magnificent, high-energy month!

Cake decoration shops! They are the most fun place on earth. I am going to go scouting for fun decorations for cupcakes. I am strongly considering buying some crystallised violets & some fabulously neon food colouring. Hee!

Honourable mentions: Earrings that make jangly noises while you walk (I love anything noisy that I can wear!); shoe shopping (it’s on the cards!); juices (I am planning on upping my juice intake in a big big way); lovely lovely raw foodists; my boyfriend (his devotion to improving himself in every way improves my life & love for him too); fabulous pink-covered books & sticking jewels on my Moleskine!

“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.” — John Lennon

Plant some seeds! What do you love today?