Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday!

Hello cuties! I know that lots of you are now doing Things I Love Thursday on your own sites & blogs! It makes me so happy, I’m like a proud mother! Cluck cluck! Anyway, I have made up some little banners that you can use if you want to (it’s not compulsory!) — they just have cute pictures & say “Things I Love Thursday” on them. If you want to swipe one, you can check them out on the Participate page!

Et maintenant, without further ado, here is my list of Things I LOVE Thursday!

Soy hazelnut hot chocolate — Shamefully, it is from Starbucks, but it is very tasty! I think it probably has about 36,000 pounds of sugar in it but, well, sometimes a major chocolate shot is just what a girl needs to get her through the day.

Karl Lagerfeld — The one & only. He’s just so fabulous. I love seeing him in documentaries — he speaks so quickly & everything he says is brilliant & bold. He’s like a hilarious quote generator. I just adore him.

My new digital dictaphone — It’s an Olympus WS-300M (as recommended by Miranda, thank you!) & it rocks my world! I love it so much. I have been carrying it around with me & rambling into it as I see fit. It’s tiny, about the size of a packet of chewing gum, & it is sooo much fun. I had a dictaphone when I was a kid & as an only child, it was my favourite toy ever. Even better than Nintendo if you ask me. So, it brings back very fond memories (mostly of wandering around putting on voices & making up stories). I have grand plans for this dictaphone, let me tell you! I also think I’m going to buy some super-shiny crystal stickers & bling it up… Ooh! I’m such a magpie!

Dhrumil — Of We Like It Raw & Give It To Me Raw fame. He is a champ. Listen to this & this & just try to tell me differently! I love his energy & charisma, it’s so exciting just to listen to!

Clearing my intentions — There’s some old saying that goes, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”. I like to use this in terms of working out what I want, too. If I don’t know what I want in certain areas (work, lifestyle, relationships), I attract all kinds of things that aren’t quite right. The best way I know to clear your intentions is to grab some index cards, write headings at the top (like ‘Friends’ or ‘Myself’) & then do a bullet-point list of how you would like those things to be. Phrase it positively, i.e., instead of “Not a liar”, you’d write “Honest”. Look at the cards regularly & add to them & change them, but focus on them & visualise those things being true for you NOW. You will be amazed at what happens, I promise!

Dubstep — One of my new favourite things. If you haven’t heard Burial’s Untrue album, you are missing out in a big way. I also strongly recommend getting your paws on anything by Skream, Benga, Arovane, Monolake & Boxcutter. It’s all perfect grey sky music — which describes this morning pretty well!

Rhymesayers Entertainment — Best independent hip-hop label in existence (& since it was founded by my favourite rapper, it has a special place in my heart). They’re so cool & down to earth & are devoted to breaking new ground, & every time I have any kind of interaction with them, I feel good afterwards. If you want a real crash course in what great hip-hop is like, go to their site & buy a bunch of albums!

I think Slug is one of the most crushed-on rappers of all time.

Holographic nails! I can’t help myself, it is my magpie nature. My favourite holographic nailpolish is OPI’s ‘Glamour’ from their Designer Series. (It’s not on their site any more but you could definitely find it on Ebay.) It’s a fabulous violet with miniscule holographic flacks — the perfect polish for any intergalactic love warrior!

Going through old pictures — I haven’t saved much to Flickr recently, so I’ve been going through my pictures to find something for this post. I don’t know how it happened, maybe just good planning, but somehow I have managed to keep all my pictures since… well, basically since I got online (1996). It is amazing to see what I liked & what I saved. It is basically a catalogue of my taste from my teenage years through to the present day, which I think is incredible. All morning I’ve been looking through the photos of these girls whose sites I used to read & whose words I used to treasure. Who knows where they are today or what they’re doing?

Honourable mentions: Procellous grey skies; cosy sweatshirts that feel like a hug; vibrant connections with people in other cities; watching Angel in bed with loverboy; making travel plans; meeting new people with passion that matches your own; reading about finance (haha); excitement & anticipation!

I asked Audrey for his TiLT list too, & he said…

My new hair! After having to spend just over a week with my shock of red, I had a consult with the amazing Kat at Wildilocks. Despite their obvious love of all things dark and kooky, she embraced the chance to get her hands dirty and play around with the colour. It was a great experience — the staff are open and friendly yet there’s still a definite air of professionalism in the salon. Everything was discussed and explained, which I think is important when somebody is mixing chemicals to put on your scalp. And the end result is perfect: I feel like me again.

iTunes and iPod! I finally bit the bullet and joined the 21st Century and bought my first ever iPod. This isn’t just a ‘I want to look cool and ignore the rest of the world while I’m on the tram’ thing either. I’m actually on a quest to simplify and organise my life and the amount of stuff I have. Once I have all my music organised I can get rid of a lot of clutter (finally).

Reorganising my music collection which has also made me nostalgic for the songs I grew up on. I’m now playing all my old albums as I rip them into iTunes and I’m having all sorts of flashbacks to high school and the like.

Gossip Girl. Yes, I too have succumbed to the hype and am totally hooked. I love the way that B is the bitchy, power-hungry mogul of their scene, yet seems to be the smallest character. Not sure if it’s just an accident from casting, but I think there’s actually a deeper, hidden meaning behind the way this pint sized little girl can be so manipulative and evil. Also, Chuck is officially on my Style Icon list. Those blazers and those SCARVES! Wow.

The weather today! It’s gloomy and rain is pelting on the roof. Lord, its so good. A good excuse to stay inside and get jobs done. Plus I’ve finally pulled my coats and jackets out from storage. Can’t wait to get out there, grab some warm caffeinated beverages, jump in puddles and take advantage of this briskness.

Masseurs. I’m going through a rough patch at the moment, but guys can benefit from a little pampering just as much as girls.

“The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love & feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed.” — Jiddu Krishnamurti

Join us for a big love-fest (or as Madonna would say, “a metaphysical orgy”)! What do you love this week? Big cups of tea? The promise of spring? Fashion shows? Dressing in only one colour? Your boyfriend’s moustache?! Tell us — we’ll all blow kisses in the same direction!