Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday!

Apricots — Yum! When I was a child, we used to drive from Dunedin to Wanaka in Summer (Dunedin was where my grandparents lived & Wanaka was where they had a holiday house). On the way we would inevitably stop at some of the fruit sellers along the way to buy fresh apricots or big bags of black cherries, the latter of which we would delightfully chomp & spit out the seeds. I don’t know whether we actually sent them sailing out of the windows or whether I am just imagining it, but anyway. So apricots have a good association for me, but there aren’t many around at the moment. Hallelujah! They sell them in cans at the supermarket! Not the most natural form, I admit, but they are still delicious (especially in a smoothie with some maca powder, hazelnuts & chocolate soy ice-cream)!

Atmosphere — I think I said this kind of recently, but I still do! Their ‘Paint It Gold‘ show is hilarious & awesome. I sent them a question yesterday, I really hope they answer it!

Wasabi peas! I had never had ANY wasabi at all until I tried wasabi peas at an engagement party on Saturday. Instant love affair! I hoarded the bowl & ate so many! On our way home, we stopped off at the supermarket & bought two packets. I have been munching on them pretty steadily, though the other day I put four in my mouth at once (absentmindedly I think) & felt like I was having a stroke, so I haven’t had many since then! Haha!

Adventures at the Asian superette! Sometimes (okay, often), at night, I get restless & want to go on an adventure. Usually we would go out for dessert or churros or something sinful, like visit the 24-hour Krispy Kreme (dear god, no!), but since we’re trying to eat as well as possible, instead we went to an Asian superette down the road! We spent ages in there, going “Ooh!” & “Aah!”. We came home with a nice haul of weirdness, too — sesame paste, fried crispy onions, radishes in chilli & some weird chocolates in the shape of tree stumps & burgers. It was awesome.

Ani DiFranco — I am on an Ani kick right now. I go through phases of loving her & then not being able to listen to her for months at a time… but right now I just can’t get enough of her.

Anticipation! So many things to look forward to. Wellington = YAY! We’re going to stay with my parents in their new house, & they’re going to lend us a car so we will be able to do our own thing. (This is another reason why being with Simon is so great — I don’t have a driver’s license, I always used to have to rely on the bus to get around! Haha!) I can’t wait to see all my friends, go shopping & eat all the food I developed an affection for over an 18 year period!

Honourable mentions: By this time next week I will have had my appearance at Dr Sketchy’s, eeeee! Also… Shopping (I have done quite a lot of it recently & have heaps of things to show you!); pomegranates (yes, I tried one & it was AMAZING!); the international friend-scape (it is really cool to know I have great friends in all of my favourite cities!); working out (I am back on it & I have started taking glutamine before I exercise which makes, seriously, a world of difference); crossing things off my ‘to do’ list; Elliott Smith; pyjama snuggling; the new season of The Hills starting soon (seriously, I know I shouldn’t care but all of a sudden, I do?!); 3D glasses & this picture:

How we survive is what makes us who we are.Photo by Maryanne B

“There is always something to be happy about. Truly happy. And if you have the audacity to find it and the courage to make it your focus, in spite of the countless temptations to dwell upon problems that don’t really exist, you will have learned well, your life will be transformed, and all things will be added unto you.” — Mike Dooley

Yes, cuties! It’s that time again! Tell me what you LOVE this Thursday! Lay it on thick! Sit there & visualise all the things making your life better, & let it build up so you get little hearts instead of pupils in your eyes & then LET LOOSE! On another note… Can we get 200 submissions? Whaddaya think?!