Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday!

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Working on my podcast — I’m changing the format so that it is more like a radio show & less like me just reading out an article! It’s really exciting & a whole new challenge. I can’t wait until the first one is done! I hope you all enjoy it… I think you will!

Skins & Angel — My two new favourite shows. Skins is hilarious & heart-breaking at the same time (& I adore Cassie, she is just too cute). Angel is all terrible acting but you know, the occasional appearance of Spike is keeping me interested. (I’m not far into either so please don’t tell me any spoilers or I’ll cry!) One of my favourite things to do at the end of the night when I’m exhausted from working & thinking is to crawl into bed with lover-boy & watch an episode or two. Best ever.

Blazing my own trail — Sometimes it can be hard for me to know where I should be directing my energy or where I want iCiNG to go. Especially because I feel like there aren’t a lot of people who I can ask for advice on the subject. A lot of what I’m doing is breaking new ground & no one has done it before. It can be kind of scary sometimes but mostly it is exhilirating & wild! It is such an incredible position to be in — to be able to choose your own limits & partnerships, to make decisions that have real impact & write things that make a difference! I am so glad & so fortunate.

My mirror-ball — Did I mention this last week? Well, if I did, it’s worth saying again. I don’t have the mirror-ball hanging up yet, it is just sitting on our dinner table because I want to find the best possible place for it, but it still does the trick. I LOVE walking into the iCiNG Bowl in the morning to see tiny circles of light all over the ceiling & scattered across the kitchen. It’s like entering some strange & beautiful galaxy. It is really amazing & fills me with happiness.

Ninagawa MikaNinagawa Mika

Ninagawa Mika — My new favourite photographer. Super-high saturation, sexy girls & lots of joy. It’s a hard combination to beat!

Hunting around at the market — It’s all still very new to me. We have a fun little routine: we wake up super-early, I crawl into my knee-length cardigan (I have had it for a year but I still adore it), we grab our trolley (we have a little granny cart! I want to stick jewels all over it) & set out for the market. It’s not far so we walk & talk & check the mail & drink smoothies. Then we go to our favourite stalls & talk to the owners & pick the loveliest-looking things. I feel like a total fruit & vegetable virgin so I am always pointing at things & asking, “What’s this like?”. Today, for example, we bought kiwiberries (like a miniature kiwifruit!), a pomegranate (I’ve never had one!) & fresh figs. We also ordered a tray of wheatgrass to be collected next week — eep, exciting! A miniature lawn in our kitchen! & of course I love the end result, too: a kitchen full of exotic, delicious delights!

New musique — My current favourites are Boxcutter’s live set on Nova FM (downloadable!), Burial (still), Autechre’s new album Quaristice, Neptunes Present: Clones & IAMX!

Planning travel — New Zealand & possibly Sydney in April are on the cards, as well as New York & San Francisco in September! I can’t tell you how excited I am!!! I’ve been plotting hotels. Library Hotel, Hotel on Rivington, The Alex, 60 Thompson or Soho House? WHO KNOWS? (I love organising travel, I am such a geek. Eeee!)

Honourable mentions: Lots of tapping (& lots of sleep & water to help it process); anticipation (my parents arrive tomorrow & are staying until Tuesday!); sore muscles massaged with arnica; wonderful packages in the mail (this morning I received two mind-blowing soaps from Soapylove which smell & look incredible!); this amazing necklace (NSFW!); all your comments on my House of Holland post yesterday (you’re all so clever, I’m so proud! Cluck cluck!); re-shuffling all the pictures on my lamp (it is covered in purikura & postcards!) & Slug! Oh, & also — the fact that Things I Love Thursday has now been going for 30 WEEKS with no signs of slowing down… how INCREDIBLE is that?!

“Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night.” — Rainer Maria Rilke

Now then, sweet poodles & nonpareils! Open your chests & strum a few notes on your heart-strings! Tell us what’s going on in your life — make a big list of all the things that have you spontaneously celebrating, kissing the earth & smiling as you walk down the street. We want to hear it, please add your love to ours!

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