Things I Love Thursday

Nouvelle musique — Wrapping your ears around new music is one of life’s great pleasures, I think. I’m currently loving the Will.I.Am tracks on the Thriller 25th Anniversary Edition (‘The Girl Is Mine’ & ‘P.Y.T.’). I also really adore Janet Jackson’s Discipline, the Hackers soundtrack, Portishead’s Third & Neon Neon’s Stainless Style.

Anything with a sitar! When I was a kid, I knew a woman who was quite spiritual & went to silent meditative retreats & that kind of thing. Often she would visit me & bring me thick sticks of temple incense & tape recordings of music with sitars in it. One of my favourite memories from childhood revolves around sitting in my bed, sunlight streaming in on me, listening to sitar music, incense burning, reading a book. I recently got my hands on Anoushka Shankar & Karsh Kale’s Breathing Under Water album & it brings it all back to me!

Being in a house with my parents — They’re so cool, considerate, entertaining & gracious. It’s like being in a little hotel — really nice, new, fluffy towels folded for each of us (they even got us a loofah each!), a copy of Simply You magazine beside the bed, a new blender in the kitchen for smoothie-making (!)… Why would I possibly want to stay anywhere else?!

Honourable mentions: Curling up in bed with a scarf; The Goddess Guide (I bought it in the airport bookshop yesterday & read half of it on the plane last night — it’s fantastic!); charming people at duty free (they gave us a 10% discount on the two MAC eye-shadows & bottle of Krug we bought!); tomato juice (still love it!); drinking water out of the tap (you can do that in New Zealand & it tastes just as good as filtered water anywhere else); the wonderfully amazing & supportive Simon, & borrowing clothes off my mother!

Sorry this is so short — we’re about to race off & start doing some frantic socialising! My friend from Auckland (Ana) is in town & I’m going to have dinner with my best friend tonight, so it’s all go!

What has you screamin’ out HALLELUJAH today?