Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

Illustrations by Laura Laine & photographs by John-Paul Pietrus.

Paul Arden — I was so sad to hear that Paul Arden passed away last week. His books (It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be, Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite & God Explained In A Taxi Ride) are fantastic & really inspiring; a magnificent wake-up call for anyone interested in design, marketing or business. What better way to celebrate his life’s work than by getting stuck into one of his books & feeling your mind do a jig of delight?! Another thing — I always wanted to meet him in person, but now I’ll never have that chance. If you have a role model or icon that you want to connect with, don’t put it off! Do it TODAY!

Ugni molinae berries — We bought these at the markets on Tuesday, though they were labelled “tazziberries”! They’re teeny little pink berries with a sprig of green on the top, & when you chew them, they taste like strawberry perfume. So weird but so cool!

Meeting nonpareils — I know I say this all the time, but it bears repeating. When I was in Wellington I met four nonpareils in one day! It was incredible! I am constantly bowled-over by the amazing calibre of people who read iCiNG. I hope one day we can all have a big slumber party & then you’ll find out for yourselves! Not to mention all the well-dressed girls who smiled at me when I walked past — which always leaves me wondering, ‘Do they read iCiNG or do they just like my clothes/hair/strut?’ A little mystery is a good thing, I think. — In my opinion, the best ever place to go for new tunes. I always want new music, so I make a point of visiting them every Monday to download their latest Remix Sunday compilation. They collect tracks from DJs all over the world, & make their latest remixes available for your listening pleasure. The mixes often keep me dancing all week, & while the quality can vary, most of it is fantastic. My favourite DJ is Chew Fu — I have so much time for that man! If you just want to get a few tracks to see if it’s your kind of thing, check out Jackson 5 – “I Want You Back” (Chew Fu Big Room Fix), Snoop Dogg – “Cool” (Chew Fu Fix) & The Ghost Frequency – “Never Before Have I Seen…” (Zombie Disco Squad Remix). Whee!

My New Zealand bunnies — All the people I saw in Wellington are doing really well for themselves. They’re happy, earning money & getting their lives together, & they’re either loving being single or in really fulfilling relationships. It’s so good to see!

Rove! I love him & think he’s so cute, he is my #1 Australian crush! Awwwww. We’re going to see him this weekend & I’m so looking forward to it. For an example of how awesome he is, watch this:

Rove interviewing Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen.


Honorary mentions: Turkish Delight assortments; having a closet full of new things (it’s been way too long); knowing that there are lots of treats in the post for me (I have been on a leetle bit of an Ebay frenzy recently, as well as placing a $250 order with Amazon… !); buying someone a really great gift (we’re about to go watch shopping for Simon’s birthday — I am going to buy him something fabulous); my favourite chocolate place, San Churro, is opening a new shop really close to my house!; my OhMiBod (review coming soon!); hanging out with 3 long-haired dachshunds (bliss!) & thinking about going to the Bright Autumn Festival (maybe…)

“Fame or integrity: which is more important? Money or happiness: which is more valuable? Success or failure: which is more destructive? If you look to others for fulfilment, you will never truly be fulfilled. If your happiness depends on money, you will never be happy with yourself. Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” — Lao-Tzu

So, what do you love today? What got you out of bed early, made you sing in the shower & dance at the bus-stop? Tell us! Share the glee!