Things I Love Thursday

The Cure’s Disintegration — I was having a bit of a rough time on Friday, so I turned up this album as loud as it would go & made guacamole while I sang along. It totally cured (ha!) my mood. Seriously, I think Disintegration is one of the best albums of all time. Yup, I love me some Bob!

Australia’s Next Top Model — Ah! Trashy television, my secret (or not so secret, given I constantly talk about it on the internet!) obsession! America’s Next Top Model has lost its sheen & I’ve stopped watching this season; I just don’t really care who wins. Sad but true. But AusNTM? Oh baby! I love it! My money’s on Demelza & Alexandra to win, I think they both “have it”. Oh, & Charlotte Dawson is hilarious, too.

iCiNG Treats — I’m so happy with how they’ve been turning out & who has been getting involved in producing them! Talk about a star-studded cast, phwoar! It’s an absolute honour & privilege to work with such girl geniuses!

Waking up to the rain — & all the things that go with that. Lazy mornings in warm marshmallow beds, splashtastic walks with a fabulous umbrella, bundling up in my faux fur coat & staying cozy, gloves & hats & scarves looped twice. Winter doesn’t phase me — I’m ready!

Really exciting news — I have something incredible to share with you on Friday. I am dying to tell you, as always, but I’ve sworn myself to secrecy for now! Sit tight — it’s only a day away!

Eating raw — I probably said this last week, but hush! It’s my list, I can say anything I like! Other than a mild slip-up on Tuesday (watching someone bake three trays of cupcakes is a real test of willpower!), I’ve been eating lots of raw goodies & baby, I feel good. How are you going with your personal iTC?

Honourable mentions: Spending an evening with a professional cupcake mistress (ooh la la!); central heating (my saviour — in the last few days the temperature has taken a major dive!); my fitted Crowning t-shirt in black (new unofficial uniform); connecting with new friends; Gossip Girl (last week’s episode was tragic but this week’s was better & there are rumours of hot Sapphic action to come!); ‘Acoustic Romance’ by A Kiss Could Be Deadly (new favourite song); lots of options & choices & opportunities!; SoulGarden horoscopes (Christopher Witecki is awesome); the big stack of books I received from Amazon on Monday, & major an… tici… pation!

“Take away love & our earth is a tomb.” — Robert Browning

Your turn! I’d love to hear what’s been making you smile this week. Make us a list of the secret things that make your mouth curl at the edges; those things that cause you to laugh out loud & blow kisses to strangers! Delight us!