Things I Love Thursday

Yes, this is going to be a regular feature… Feel free to chip in or just admire the pretty pictures, whatever works!


Today I love…
Safari chic, my mother, hugging, my media pass for fashion week!, remembering that nastiness is nothing to do with you, emails from friends telling me how their Burning Man experience was, my new kimono, lovely friends who are keen for adventures, meeting new people, recognition, swans & flamingoes — it’s all in the neck!, beautiful masquerade masks, octopi & squid, Fawn Gehweiler (I’m going to her exhibition on Saturday), Lomo cameras, hedge mazes, twins & triplets, bubbles, Pee Wee Herman, false eyelashes, accordions, dramatic eye-makeup, Crazy Horse Paris, & Amanda Lepore…

Big versions:
1. Day 131: Sphere, 2. Sasha Pivovarova, 3. ITVogueAnimal5.jpg, 4. february swaporama: p.w., 5. butterfly, 6. Crazy Horse Paris, 7. homecoming, 8. amanda lepore, 9. Octopus, 10. Keira Knightley by Arthur Elgort for VOGUE US, 11. ITVogueAnimal4.jpg, 12. lashes five, 13. roy liechtenstein, 14. drink, 15. A Belated Valentine…, 16. A few of my pieces en route to Barcelona…, 17. bubblegum, 18. ITVogueAnimal2.jpg, 19. drink, 20. roy liechtenstein

If you’re wondering what Things I Love Thursday is about, I’ve learned that expressing your appreciation for things — no matter how small or trivial — makes you feel really good, & helps to propel you forward. It’s good for you, so get on it!


Finally, doesn’t this crazy piece of installation art BLOW YOUR MIND?! Here is a big version. Surreal!