Things I Love Thursday

TLC — I posted this photo on Flickr last week & my friend Jo called me Gala “Right Eye” Darling. I had completely forgotten that Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes got her name because she used to wear a condom in place of the left lense of her glasses on stage, as a way to promote safe sex. So then I started listening to TLC’s CrazySexyCool album, which is so great (did any of you notice Andre 3000’s part in Sumthin’ Wicked This Way Comes?). & THEN! Lo & behold, Palms Out, only the purveyors of the greatest sounds ever, posted this: TLC – Creep (Norrit Remix). Coincidence? Psshhhh! Nawww!

When The Day Met The Night by Panic! At The Disco. Am I too old to like this kind of thing? Before Tuesday I had honestly never heard a P!ATD song — thank you Morgan! — & now I’m a big fan of their album Pretty Odd… Is this the sort of thing I shouldn’t admit in public?!

Australia’s Next Top Model — It’s down to the final four! & I like all of them! I think I would like Alex or Sam to win… How about you? Place your bets now! (I love Banzai too.)

Cute girls who buy me cupcakes — It happens a lot. I am very blessed. Shout outs, you know who you are! I also like girls who share slices of peanut butter pie with me, who wipe frosting out of my hair (I am totally classy), who dance like whirling dervishes & drive trucks all over Manhattan. In case you couldn’t tell, I have met some MIGHTY fine dames in this fair city. Awwwh!

Pharrell Williams is a genius. He is also very good-looking, VEGAN (!!!!) & the boy can dress! This makes him my #1 all-time celebrity crush. I recommend getting your hot little hands on Seeing Sounds, the new album by N*E*R*D which came out two days ago! It is fabulous times one thousand! My favourite tracks? Laugh About It, You Know What, Yeah You, & Spaz. Heart-throb!

“Secret single behaviour” — Do you remember that episode of Sex & The City where they’re talking about the things they do alone? Carrie’s secret single behaviour is eating a stack of Saltines with grape jelly, standing up at the kitchen counter & reading fashion magazines (or something like that). Well, I am not single, but I am living alone, so I am back to my normal weirdo single behaviour. This means dancing around the living room in my underwear to The Roots, talking to myself in a silly accent all the time, passing out at a ridiculous hour wearing an eye-mask, listening to music no one else seems to like (see: Deftones) & lounging around all day in a slip dress, regardless of the circumstances. It’s very luxurious & glamorous I assure you, except for the crumbs in the bed, random outbursts, maniacal dancing, heavy guitars & total lack of cleaning the house ever. Haha!

Calling New Zealand & having them understand me when I recite numbers… ! I said to the guy on the other end of the line today, “It’s so good to speak to someone who knows what I’m saying!” & he laughed. Even in Australia you end up going through that whole, “Say six! Say six!” “Six.” “Haha!” thing!

Honourable mentions: Fabulous invitations (Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection? Yes please, & also, thank you!); my new lip-wear combo (Revlon’s Just Bitten lip stain in Cherry Tart + plumping gloss); writing things down & ticking them off (or in my case, highlighting them in a flourish of purple); meeting raw people purely by coincidence; the whole concept of coincidence (it means co-in-cide — to be in accord or agreement. Latin: co “with” “together” & incidere “to fall on” — thanks Dhrumil!); Sigur Rós’ new album; Venetian Snares (I’m seeing Mr. Funk next week & can’t waittttttt); strutting so hard you pull a muscle (true story!); hip hop (I love you, always & forever!); magicians at 4.30am; Sade; wearing a slip dress with boots & four necklaces in tribute to 1994; living in a walk-up building (I now have legs & a booty of steel!); having so much to be excited about that I make daily news phonecalls to my most beloved people!

Shinu made doki doki shitai wa!(I want to feel that doki doki feeling until I die!)

What gives YOU that doki doki feeling?