Things I Love Thursday

Nubby Twiglet — Cutest girl on the planet? I would say, almost certainly. If not, she’s a very strong contender. It is so fabulous to meet her after having known her online for years, & even more fabulous to realise how freakishly similar we are! It has been so cool to just sit around & compare notes. But we haven’t had a lot of time to just sit, we’ve been busy! Oh, the things we have done… decadent art deco parties, treehouses inside art collectives, talking in Ukrainian diners until 3am, photo sessions on rooftops, nestling into private boxes at hilariously elitist establishments, giving gay marriage serious consideration & passing out unconscious with the air-conditioning going full blast. I love her. I looooooove her. Also, sometimes she draws on her face by mistake. Le swoon! She just said, “Finally, I found my Virgo soul mate! & we’re getting married in Hawaii!” Oh so cute. Too much cute to handle. I can’t wait wait waaaaait until we can spend more time together. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are not enough exclamation points in the whole world.

Journalling — Oooooh yes. I am journalling up a storm! I have finally started to put my black soft-cover unlined Moleskine to use. I like to fold the cover back, lean on a hardback book & hold my black pen aloft before I start scribbling. I woke up on Sunday morning with a strong urge to write in my book before I did anything else, & it has been the same every day since then. Now I remember why I used to love doing this. I used to be an obsessive journaller — it was part of my daily routine (& made my commute to work on the bus much less painful, if not downright enjoyable!), & it helped me process a lot of what I was going through. Anyway, all this to say, I LOVE writing with ink on paper, I LOVE filling up pages, & I love the fact that I am taking time to do it — it feels like a really positive step & an affirmation of my commitment to be good to myself.

Entourage — I used to criticise my mother (who has always owned her own businesses) for coming home after work & watching television. I was a self-righteous teenager, oh yes. “Why don’t you read a book?!?” I would exclaim. But you know what? Now that I am in the same position, of working until I feel like I will fall over, sometimes I just need to turn my brain off. Really, off. No thinking allowed. Meditation is cool & everything, but sometimes you don’t want to concentrate on the tip of your nose. So, the best way to do that, for me — unfortunately — is by watching television. Entourage is my new thing. Adrien what’s-his-face is cute. It makes me laugh. I recommend it.

Everything happening for a reason — Sometimes things don’t go to plan, or are difficult or weird. But in my experience, it always works out for the better. I love seeing this demonstrated in my daily life. It fills me with sheer delight! Delight, I tell you… delight!

Sparkly pens — I found a bunch of incredible sparkly pens in a stationery shop the other day & it has whipped me into an ink-fuelled frenzy! I’ve been scrawling postcards, using them on everything & going mad. They are called “Gelly Roll” & I bought two purple (deep sparkly violet & a plain indigo), two blue (dark midnight sparkly & sky sparkly) & one pink, which is more like a fabulous deep raspberry with silver irridescence. Yum. I want to colour my entire body with them, like in that Amanda Lepore commercial (NSFW!) where she covers herself with MAC lipstick. I am a total pen nerd, but I do love them so.

Secret plans! Plotting with various people over big glasses of water & insane meals of every stripe. I keep meeting fantastic people who believe in what I’m doing & want to help me, & it is mind-blowing & magnificent. I am so, so thankful & happy & elated by this life. Honestly.

Honourable mentions: Nicole Atkins (her album Neptune City is on heavy rotation); A-Trak feat. Lupe Fiasco – Mastered; Molly Crabapple & The Box; talking to my friend Jennie in New Zealand on the phone for over two hours & laughing uproariously; fresh juice (my new favourite is pomegranate, apple, orange & spinach — which you can’t taste!); Duffy; Elton John; Kiki de Montparnasse (an upscale erotic & lingerie shop, where they sell duct tape in a range of colours… yes!); lesbian bars; this re-cap of the Sweet Valley High board game!; clunking up & down 5 sets of stairs every day in 5-inch (Nubby measured them!) platforms (buns of steel, bunnnnns of steeeeeeel!); text message marathons; talking to my mother as I walk home at 3am; $1400 phone bills (not mine, thankfully!); Atmosphere (& Jake!)…

Cabaret by Miles Aldridge…& this photo.

Today is super-special because we have a guest TiLT! You guessed it… here’s Miss Nubby’s list! (Yay!)

Walking through Manhattan at 4am & hearing birds chirping
24 hour cafes
Late night photoshoots on rooftops overlooking the city
Buying Marc Jacobs key-chains shaped like rats
Getting a portrait with Gala & Gilda drawn by Molly Crabapple
Learning the art of walking up five flights of stairs in heels to Gala’s apartment
Having amazing food in every corner of the city
Making plans for the future
The massive accessories section of H&M
Hugging jumbo ice-cream cones
Friends across the cit welcoming me to sleep over
The kindness of complete strangers
& free drinks & dinner!

“Believe me, the secret for harvesting from existence the greatest fruitfulness & greatest enjoyment is — to live dangerously.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

Now… we hand the microphone (or megaphone!) to you! Shout it loud, kitten-face!