Things I Love Thursday

Getting tattooed! Aaaahhhhhhhhh! So, yesterday I spent 6 & a half hours in the chair at Tribulation Tattoo. This morning I am achey but elated. (I slept like the dead — it was good.) My first tattoo — the half-sleeve with siamese twins & candy — now looks completely different. When I first got it I was pretty happy with it, but after Tim Kern did my other arm — the swanboat — I realised the first one didn’t exactly measure up. So yesterday, I went back to Tim & had him re-work it. It’s probably about halfway done, & we’ll finish it off when I come back to the States. It looks amazing! The process of being tattooed is pretty interesting too. There are a multitude of stages, ranging from total bliss to complete zen to having a sore butt for sitting down so long & wincing while needles caress your armpit. Gilda came & hung out for a while & stared at me, fascinated. Haha. So, it was a long day but je suis heureuse & of course, it was totally worth it. & I will show you photos in a sweet second, I promise!

Tings — My new obsession, haha! Why can you not buy these all over the world?! They are vegan snacks that are all weird & misshapen & made to resemble those crazy cheese-flavoured corn snack things which coat your fingers in terrifying orange dust which stains everything it touches. Okay, so all of that to say that Tings are delicious & taste better than what they’re meant to imitate. I ate most of an enormous bag yesterday. It was tasty. I love that they’re vegan; it means I can scoff them & not sweat what it’s going to do to my body. Yay yay yay!

My lawyer — He rules. We had a meeting on Tuesday & the news he gave me about immigrating was so good that I ran out of his office & took these pictures. I felt like commemorating the moment, because to be quite honest, I was worried that he’d say, “Sorry, nothing we can do for you… Back to New Zealand you go”! So to mark the occasion, here are some photos of me looking excited…

Things I Love Thursday!

Vegan deliciousness — A couple of weeks ago I told Simon that I was feeling not-so-good. I felt ill a lot, had no energy & my skin sucked. When he asked me what I was eating, I realised that I was subsisting on pizza, ice-cream, chocolate & other assorted nasties. He said, “I think if you ate vegan for three days you’d feel completely different”. Well, god bless the boy, because he was totally right. I have been eating raw as much as I can manage & being queen vegan the rest of the time, & I feel soooooooo muuuuuuuuuch betterrrrrrrrrrrr. It is shocking, in fact. Thanks Simon!

Yayoi Kusama (草間彌生) — Last weekend, Gilda & I went to see a documentary about Yayoi Kusama at the Japan Society. It was reeeeally interesting; she is such an unusual woman. Best of all, at the end of the show we were both given little buttons with Yayoi’s face on them. I have been wearing mine when I feel like I need it; I am almost regarding it as a magical talisman. On the button, she is wearing a pink wig & staring bug-eyed at the camera, in a galaxy of weird swirls & polka-dots, & I love it.

Rooftop photoshoots — You’ve seen some of the photos from last Thursday’s photoshoot by Bianca, but there were way more than I posted! I especially like the one below… & you can see more here! (I miss Nubby! Thankfully she sends really cute emails to tide me over…)

Things I Love Thursday!

Honourable mentions: The Coup; burritos & tacos; Gilda’s sequinned harem pants (a-m-a-z-i-n-g); being compared to incredible people; anticipation of my friend arriving from New Zealand! (tomorrow morning!); lovely cards from famous fashion bloggers (you know who you are!) addressed to “the inimitable Gala Darling” — awwww; Girl Talk (still); paying someone to do my laundry (I looove not having to do it, & I loooooooove that all my underwear comes back folded neatly in a stack!); the weather (it has been really beautiful lately); feeling my head clear & things become more obvious; planning my next few months; sleeping while a cool breeze blows over me; Will Ferrell, & wearing my hair in pigtails!

“Let us toast to animal pleasures, to escapism, to rain on the roof & instant coffee, to unemployment insurance & library cards, to absinthe & good-hearted landlords, to music & warm bodies & contraceptives… & to the ‘good life’, whatever it is & where it happens to be.” — Hunter S. Thompson

Preach it, HST!

Okay gorgeous, your turn. Sing it!