Things I Love Thursday

That it’s TiLT day! I woke up really excited at the prospect of writing this list. That definitely deserves a mention!

Roadtrips! I am currently in the process of planning a fabuleux roadtrip across the United States with my friend Jess in May/June 2009. HELLO, I am so excited! California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Louisiana… Oh baby, it’s gonna be good. There will be food, music, live blogging, encounters with natives, way too many photos & videos, & general GLEE! I am so psyched!

“How long could we maintain? I wondered. How long until one of us starts raving & jabbering at this boy? What will he think then? This same lonely desert was the last known home of the Manson family; will he make that grim connection when my attorney starts screaming about bats & huge manta rays coming down on the car? If so, well, we’ll just have to cut his head off & bury him somewhere, ’cause it goes without saying that we can’t turn him loose. He’d report us at once to some kind of outback Nazi law enforcement agency & they’ll run us down like dogs. Jesus, did I say that? Or just think it? Was I talking? Did they hear me?!”

Planning my birthday party wedding to Nubby! HELL YES! Nubby & I are in the depths of a Virgo-tastic planning frenzy for our joint birthday party, which is going down in New York City in September! If we were in the same physical space, you can bet we’d be sprawled on the floor surrounded by maps, charts, miniature dioramas of Central Park & a big platter of cupcakes. But instead we make digital plans & send them back & forth through the magical internet! We’re also considering showing up in wedding dresses, with matrimonial underthings made by Lou Lou Loves You & hot pink veils by Gilda! & I happen to know a certain fellow who owns a priest outfit so maybe he can officiate?! Anyway, our Virgo extravaganza is going to be a big huge party with cupcakes in Central Park, so if you want to come along, we’d love to have you! Eeeeeeeee! (Oh, & Winona‘s going to be there too… do you need any further incentive?!)

!!!!!!! I don’t think I even need to begin telling you how happy I am to be flying back to NYC in… four weeks times! I’m going to be 25 — scary! I can no longer say I am in my “early twenties”, not that I think I have ever said that… Maybe I need to say it as much as I can in the next month to make the most of it! But whatever! New York! New York! The glee is palpable!

Star & Nubby — My GIRLS! I love them both very much. They are both geniuses, & always happy to help me out, for which I am forever indebted to them. Knowing positive creative people is one of the greatest gifts, je crois!

Aqua aerobics with my mother! So funny. I have been feeling super-sluggish since I got here — it is so cold & I am in the middle of nowhere, pretty much, so there is nowhere to walk to & no motivation to do it! When I was in NY I walked everywhere & loved it. I also had five flights of stairs to traverse when I finally got back to my apartment (which annihilated everyone who attempted them). So anyway, we went to the pool this morning, strapped big polystyrene belts around our waists & made like underwater ballerinas. It was hilarious but lots of fun, & today I’m going to get an actual swimsuit (or as they call them here, “togs”). Ahhh, it feels so good to move!

Things I Love Thursday!Photo by aknacer.

OkCupid — I signed up for research purposes (honestly!), & now I am totally addicted. Obsessed. Insane. It’s soooo muuuuuch fuuuun… you get to write a profile & answer ridiculous questions & take tests & then get hit on by guys with usernames like “small_dick11” (seriously). It’s hilarious, & I keep meeting people who have good music taste (!) & who actually read books (!!!). Amazing! You should sign up. I love it. Hard.

Hibernating — I am actually really enjoying just staying inside near the fire, writing & listening to music & talking to people.

Secret awesome plans — I know that secret awesome plans make a lot of appearances on my TiLT lists, but honestly… I am always plotting something secret & awesome. It makes me smile. It enhances your life! I promise!

This video of Alex & I.I have watched it about a billion times!

Honourable mentions: Mosh & Xenia — both so cute!; my Bose SoundDock (about a billion times better than just listening to my MacBook!); Alxndr (who is now in Melbourne but I still adore him!); Meltdown by Missy Elliott; big glasses of orange juice; dreams about Karl Lagerfeld (I dreamt that he & I somersaulted together down a huge, inflatable, spiral-shaped, red & white-striped slide!); browsing Etsy for sparkly neon treasures; knife-fighting weather; hot photographs (not worksafe); the drawer next to my bed which is full of evil/delicious treats; Twitter (I still love the way it connects people together); “Dannevirke” cocktails at Chow (yummy); puffy veins; petite crushes; dissipation of mental fog!; watching Olympic gymnastics & synchronised diving; chillin’ in my father’s ugly long johns/makeshift harem pants; my pink afro in the morning; this post (way cute, thanks Ben!); waking up early; hot fried food on a frozen evening; salacious anything; phonecalls with Bei, Jennie & Helen; sunshine & clear blue skies; Out Here by Pendulum; morning bedhead reports!; alcohol which tastes like flowers; using Twitter for research purposes; bedtime portraits & ridiculous bedroom photoshoots!

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, & that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” — Gilbert K. Chesterton

Okay, babushka! It’s your turn! What are you loving? Your new boots? Lupe Fiasco? Sly glances across the room with someone who makes your heart race? Tell us, share with us, we want to hear it & share in your excitement!