Things I Love Thursday

LoulouI am not a cat person… but Loulou is awesome.

I decided to buck the trend & do a video TiLT…

Yes, I had way too much coffee-infused chocolate this morning. P.S. I swear in this, so beware!


Honourable mentions: The feeling of wanting to crawl into a piece of music or a photograph; writing lists with big fat check-boxes; new skincare regimes; eating raw!; doing menial things (like chopping vegetables) & realising you have a big smile on your face!; yummy manuka honey lip treatments; dancing in my bedroom; being proud of my girl Jess for getting into The Age’s Good Food Guide section!; really cute & sweet emails; salad!; cozy snoozing; chocolate creme Oreos; an… tici… pation!; having my student loan wiped (yay!); making ridiculous videos; “I was trying to picture you ‘dating in your league’ but I don’t think those people exist”; surprise international phonecalls; having dancing fever; excitable talks with Jess, Jennie & Helen; lovely boys; listening to my old podcasts (I am a nerd!).

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” — Plutarch

Your turn, baby!