Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday!Daphne Guinness.

Blog World Expo — I am in the incredibly fortune situation of being able to go to Las Vegas for this expo on the 20th & 21st of September! I’m really, really excited about going to immerse myself in BLOG MANIA for two days! I can’t think of anything better! God, America is cool. …But wait! That’s not all! Guess who’s coming with me? NUBBY TWIGLET! It’s going to be our official honeymoon, combining some of our favourite things: extravagance, flashing lights, lunacy & blogging! Haha. Aahhhhh! Virgo Vegas Vivaciousness! I am absolutely over the moooon about the whole thing, because I’m going to see a whole lot of amazing people speak, as well as fuel up on inspiration & insights! Even better, it’s in Vegas! Aaaargh! I have never been, the closest I have been to Vegas is watching National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation (Chevy Chase is pretty much my dream man) over & over again… I hear it is amazing & bright & colourful & ridiculous, so I am totally PSYCHED! Plus I get to see my Melbourne BFF, Darren Rowse! Hee. Yay! We’re not going to be there long — three nights (though I hear that will be long enough) — but any suggestions of must see places are welcome! (Nubby doesn’t know it yet, but we’re totally going to hit up Retro Bakery!)

International playgirl lifestyle! Otherwise known as… I am going to the airport in a few hours! Ooh la la! Even better, during what would be a boring three-hour layover in Auckland, I’m instead going to enjoy the company of one Timmy Crunk — the likes of whom I haven’t seen since August 2006! Too long! (My response to this news was basically “%&^*&$^%$!!!”) I’ve also appointed myself as the queen of sleeping-while-flying (& I kind of love the image it conjures up, slumbering Gala above the clouds, at a gazillion kilometres an hour), so I am looking forward to reclining my seat & passing out for a good zillion hours before I arrive in my favourite city ever. It is going to be excellent!

Spring — It’s a good season, & it just started here in the antipodes. I saw a pudgy bumblebee the other day, flying around drunkenly, & I smelt honeysuckle as I passed my neighbour’s house… Now I am leaving, but I trust you New Zealanders will enjoy it! & I will be back for the infamous New Zealand summer! Hooray!

Ridiculous manicures — You get the best ones at malls, I find. Not the best quality manicure, no no, but the most decadent, over-the-top & silly. A manicure to make Marie Antoinette proud! My latest? Eye-gouging pink with a sprinkling of clear jewels in white. Oh yes, baby. I hope that after it all starts to fall apart, people find the jewels stuck to ridiculous places & think, ‘What the hell is this?!’… !

Things I Love ThursdayPhoto by holiday_jenny.

Anticipating warm weather — ‘Nuff said.

Pole-dancing! Last week I went for a pole-dancing lesson taught by a girl with the coolest name ever (Hester!) & my super-sweet friend Jo. It was so much fun! I loved it! Even though I had to wear short-shorts! It was really great to swing myself around & pretend to be sultry, haha. I have been meaning to try it for such a long time, & now I finally have, & I am totally into it! It was the best type of exercise — so much fun that I didn’t realise how much of a work-out I was getting. I was in complete pain for days afterwards, I couldn’t even lift my arms above my head! I am definitely going to go to classes as soon as I have some semblance of a routine again, hahah…

This song which has been in my head since Monday evening…

Honourable mentions: “Call the cops when you see Tupac…”; Talladega Nights; listening to the top 100 hip-hop singles; Skinny Puppy (Mirror Sawwwww); Enduser; Legendary Pink Dots (playing in NYC in October, hell yes, it’s been years since I last saw them — 2003 in Paris!); Clock DVA (Jeffrey Dahmer’s favourite); a compulsion to only wear sexy black dresses for the rest of my life; Ebay frenzies; cupcake promises; brilliant girl geniuses; Whittaker’s Dark Mocha chocolate (yup, just like last week!); obsessively planning outfits; setting new goals; “I’m tired of using technology; why don’t you sit down on top of me?”; chokers; dancing around the living room playing dress-up; Happy Mess; late night talks with Ana about split tongues (!), lust & Japan!; my father snoring (too cute); imagining a crystal-encrusted bone to go through my nose; actually, crystal-encrusted anything!; time-lapse photography; cupcake hairclips; Kylie Mole (!!!); making huge salads; watching Mike Dooley; assigning myself as Jazzi‘s godmother; deep-fried Mars Bars (oh, my, god); lovely cool awesome people, oh & did I mention I’M GOING TO NEW YORK TODAY?!

Okay, your turn! What are you excited about right now?