Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday!      

My list of things which are making me smile & giggle this week!

Having my parents in town — My parents came to NYC once in the late 80’s & weren’t very keen on it. Anyway, when I was in Wellington in August, they were planning their trip to the UK, & I managed to convince them to come over to NY to check it out for a while! They arrived on Monday night, & they’ve been having such a great time. It’s really awesome to see them experience the city & understand why I love it so much here. My father is delighted by pretty much everything he sees, it’s so CUTE! He is in love with the energy of the place just like I am. Last night we went out for dinner with my cousin who lives here, & laughed & laughed. I also showed them the West Village, where I was (& will be) staying, & they adored it. “This is the view out my window that I described to you on the phone!” I can’t wait to take them shopping, & a meal at Pure Food & Wine is on the agenda, too!

Las Vegas — Nubby & I had the most amazing time ever; it was the perfect place for our honeymoon! Hee! Las Vegas is absolutely ridiculous in the best way possible! I love it, & will take any opportunity I get to go back! Before we even left, we were making plans to go back for the Blog World Expo next year in October! We walked miles, ate enormous meals, slurped even larger cocktails, lounged by the pool, went bed-jumping, danced in clubs & got ready while listening to the classic rock station! We also took about a billion photos & video clips — not that you’re surprised by this information of course! The Blog World Expo was amazing, really inspiring with excellent organisation. I was totally impressed (& I got to meet a bunch of great people). So happy. It couldn’t have been any better than it was!

PARIS! Next week is going to be busy, oh yes. Next Thursday, I will be writing my Things I Love Thursday list from Paris! Oh yeah! Haha, I am so excited! I fly out on Wednesday night, arrive Thursday morning, & then I’ll be running around like a completely mad person until Monday morning, when I return to New York (& my new digs!). You must give me your suggestions for things to do while I’m there, because I have only been once before — I stayed out in the suburbs, & was there for a mere 24 hours to see a Legendary Pink Dots show! This time is going to be very different & I want to make the most of it. Colette & Laduree are already on my list, but I’d love to hear what else is worth doing! Even better, my amazing friend Craig is going to be there too! By the way, EEEEEEEEE! Squeal! Rapture!

Things I Love Thursday!Amazing photo by Ingiro.

My new place — I’m moving in next week, yay! Amazingly, it is the apartment directly below the one I stayed in last time — same building & everything! It’s totally different though: my previous place was super-minimal, while this one is lived-in, with a little library, work area & an antique couch. It also contains a sage green version of one of my favourite typewriters (Olivetti Lettera 32!) — I used to own a red one! It’s so lovely, I cannot WAIT to settle into it & do some writing! Bliss!

Atmosphere! Their NYC shows are approaching, & I’m reeeeeally looking forward to it. I also heard Slug on Loveline last night & it was amazing, haha. Actually, I think Loveline needs a mention too — I used to watch it on television years ago & it is just as great now, if not moreso!

Honourable mentions: Salads made by cute boys; taking photos in Mexican wrestling masks & other accoutrements; smoochin’; drunk men who pole-dance for you on the monorail (soooo funny); Virgo power!; trying on white tiger masks at 2am; riding in limousines (I think they are so tacky but so funny); being recognised in public; making time to write in my moleskine; the Criss Angel bible; catching the monorail with Nubs (monorail, monorail, monorail!); fuelling up on big juices; sparkly bracelets which leave glitter everywhere; my new (to me) t-shirt with a Trevor Brown illustration on the front!; Pantera; cute phonecalls; !!!; ultra-charm; lame pick-up lines (hilarious++); fond memories of the Virgo Boarding House; writing long to-do lists & checking them off; Nubby Nubby Nubby Nubby Nubby Nubby Nubby; sleeping on planes; fun dreams about celebrities, & last but certainly NOT least, the amazing Star for editing up this video of the Virgo extravaganza!

& now, ’cause it’s always better when more people get in on the act, tell us what you’re head-over-heels about this week! Bring it on, & lay it on thick & delicious!