Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love!

It’s Thursday, so it’s time to celebrate the good things!

On my list this week are… David Lachapelle, beautiful old vintage wallpaper, aloe vera juice (tasty & healthy, bonus!), retro air hostess fashion, girls in hats, this girl, old telephones, Violet Crumble ice creams, long naps, super-speedy morning walks, vibrant blue skies, mismatched saucers & teacups, other people’s birthdays, the way that Anthony on Sex & The City says “Chanello!” when he walks into Chanel, candy-coloured illustrations, bearded ladies, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Ani Difranco’s Canon, tall stacks of neon magazines (Dolly & Teen Vogue!), 5htp, receiving big orders from Amazon, green eyeshadow, boxes of sparkles to add to envelopes, edIT, brightly coloured flowers, glittering swimming pools, describing someone as a “gimlet” (it doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a new nickname!) or an “electric boogaloo”, glossy lips, a fridge full of cupcakes, the fact that helium balloons are only $2.50 each one block away!, amassing treats for someone else’s birthday, clearing out my inbox & big sunglasses.

The last photo in the mosaic is of my dog. My parents had to have her put down on Monday. I’m pretty sad about it. She was 17, not bad for a teeny tiny dog! (That photo was taken with my webcam YEARS ago, in my old bedroom — note the purple obsession.) RIP, little mitten.

1. Smoke, 2. Milla Jovovich, 3. Fabulous Amanda, 4. Amanda Lepore., 5. lavazzacalendar2, 6. Trolley Dollies13, 7. Trolley Dollies04, 8. Art hotel, 9. a little bit of everywhere, 10. The Master Bedroom, 11. nursery rhymes, 12. Sunny Side Up, 13. from after17 issue10, 14. Untitled, 15. 8.11.07, 16. The Four Agreements., 17. discoball, 18. pop, 19. polaroid, 20. permanently disconnected, 21. Christina Ricci, 22. Fafi, 23. strandkai club inside, 24. Clémentine à Paris, 25. cuteblanche

I’ve also been expanding on my vision of the iCiNG Bowl. I wrote in my Livejournal a little while ago… “I like to envision myself walking around the iCiNG Bowl, with a row of ladies in tight sweaters with cat’s eye glasses typing furiously at beautifully restored typewriters. There would be seven of them, & their typewriters would be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & violet. Their sweaters would match & on them would be pinned a glittery diamante brooch of their first initial…”
Anyway, my new plan is that instead of a desk, I will sit in a swanboat filled with cushions with my laptop, & I will pay a girl to shine the swan every day. It will lacquered shocking pink with miniscule pieces of holographic glitter mixed into the paint & it will have a handle on the side which, once cranked, would play weird tinkley music. Yes please!

I also adore this video, it makes me smile my face off!

Kisses from Burning Man!

Tell me what you LOVE today!