Things I Love Thursday

Hot air ballooning!

Hot air balloons!
We finally went on our balloon adventure this morning. We woke up at 4am & had the most incredible time. Highly recommended, kittens!

Excitable sales assistants!
I went to the sunglasses section of Myer yesterday in search of something that will fit in with my new fashion direction (information coming SOON!), & the girl helping me was totally adorable, kept hopping from cabinet to cabinet & showing me everything she thought I’d like.

Barbara Cartland
How fabulous was she?! So very.

When inspiration strikes
After weeks of lamenting the blatant lack of summer style in the shops, yesterday I was finally struck with a vision. I am so relieved.

Shopping trips with friends!
This afternoon I am going shopping with my favourite Melbourne girl. I am really excited.

High tea & sugar-laden treats
This weekend! Whee! Also, a new cupcake shop opened on Monday (on Degraves, if you’re interested) & their cupcakes are devoon! (That’s Grease-speak for “divine”.)

Napping. Three-finger rings. Professionalism. Charisma. Exercising. Smooches.

What are you thankful for today? (Hint! If you want to follow my format, you can bold words in the comments by putting an asterix [*] on either side of the word!)