Things I Love Thursday

Starting the day off right with a mix of Notorious BIG & Girl Talk. Oh yes.

Making plans for 2009 — I have a text file called ‘2009’ which I have open at all times (TextWrangler, I love you!), which I keep adding to whenever I have a thought or idea about something I want to do next year. So far I am mostly making travel arrangements, but it is going to expand hugely over the next couple of weeks! It’s SO EXCITING! I am psyched for 2009!

Thinking about making horoscope-specific diaries! Yup. The Virgo one could have extra pages in the front with doctor’s phone numbers & DIY diagnosis information, & lots of pages for to do lists. The Leo one could have a mirror on the inside cover & a space for an ever-evolving list of people to conquer. Sagittarius would have pages at the back & a huge map of the world for travel planning… & the Gemini diary would be twice as big for all the multiple personalities! I really want to do this, & am thinking about making them for 2010. So. Stay tuned!

Moleskine love — I just opened my 2009 diary. I was kind of nervous about doing it. Now I am planning how to pretty it up. Swarovski crystals all over the cover, perhaps?

Unicorn madness…

Things I Love ThursdayErin Chance blows my mind.

Things I Love ThursdayTim Kern is amazing too.

Ebay lust — Sometimes Ebay is a wasteland of ugly, misshapen dresses. But sometimes you strike pay dirt. There are four dresses on my watchlist right now which I am OBSESSED with. I am probably going to bid way too much for them at the final moment. But I keep thinking about how good they would look on! I must own them!

Magazine features! OKAY! So in January I am flying to Auckland because this magazine — whose name I don’t think I should mention yet — want to shoot me for a feature they’re doing on me! Eeeeeeee! I am so excited, I have never done this before. Do you think I will get to wear whatever I want?! Can I wear ears?! Will they put me in a burlap sack… & throw me in the river?! Am I going to end up looking like a muppet?! Immediate short-term goal: Learn to get comfortable with other people taking photos of you. Squeal! I don’t know when it will be published yet, but you better believe that I will tell you as soon as I do!

Honourable mentions: Writing my bumper end-of-2008 post; Christmas cards with cupcake smudges in them!; planning Grease sleepovers; “Well… I hate to tell you this, but your hair looks like an easter egg!”; talking to Timmy Crunk on the phone (he makes me feel really excitable, he has good energy!); The Beta Band; sweet winks from the universe; frequent flier points; compiling things for my new website; dreaming about eating cupcakes with Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen; seeing rainbows; making bracelets; Brother Ali’s The Undisputed Truth; Common’s Universal Mind Control (not at all what I was expecting but enjoyable in its own way); designing t-shirts & entitling them “the most awesome shirt in the universe”; my mother having glitter on her face from wrapping presents; The Replacements (SO GOOD); calling people “chief” or “boss” (so funny); being called “honey-bunny”; buying horoscope books for 2009; meeting nonpareils in the street who say “you look just like you do on the internet!”; realising there is a unicorn on the front of my passport!

“Don’t carry a grudge. While you’re carrying a grudge, the other guy’s out dancing.” — Buddy Hackett

What made you dance this week?