Things I Love Thursday

The Bird & The BeeRay Guns Are Not Just The Future is amazing. It’s so good it deserved its own mention. Get your mitts on a copy if you know what’s good for you!

Being in Auckland! I actually came to town because today was my first ever real magazine photoshoot. Um, amazing! I caught a cab to Newmarket where I was fussed over by hair & make-up, before being plonked in the back seat of a Mercedes Hercedes-Benz & photographed looking uber-glamorous. Holy crap, it was so much fun. Can I do this every day?! But even without that, I am having an amazing time. I’m staying with my super-generous & charming friend Adam, who is treating me well, & last night I had dinner with my favourite Aucklander & his girlfriend, who I finally got to meet! So much fun was had. I have about a gazillion people to see while I’m here, so there will be no official iCiNG meet-up — sorry! But if you’re in town, come to Atmosphere on Friday night (tomorrow!), ’cause that’s where I’ll be, & I’d love to give you a hug! Come & meet my friends, we will be sweet to you, I promise. Just tap me on the shoulder! The show will be amazing, too — David Dallas, Brother Ali & Atmosphere, woo! — & to get you amped for it, here’s a mix by BK-One, Brother Ali’s DJ! The weather’s good too, huh?

Auckland part ii — I want to expound on this a little bit because there is more to Auckland for me than just the people — though to me they are magnifique in every way. Auckland is special to me because it’s the city in which I first established my independence. When I left home, I think I was 18, & one day while my parents were in Europe on holiday, I packed my bags & moved 600km north to Auckland. I lived here for many years, it’s still the site of my longest relationship, & it’s also the first city I lived completely alone in (which I loved — only child style, represent!). This city is magical in a lot of ways, even though a lot of people think it is charmless or lacks a centre or whatever, there are so many beautiful things about it. The streets have energy & vibrancy, the weather is superb, there are delicious nooks & crannies everywhere & major adventure to be had if you’ll just explore a little! I love this city & so many places in it are dear to my heart. Myers Park, Rakino’s, World, Ponsonby Road, K Road, Albert Park, the list goes on. I am delighted to be here & soaking it up again after a two year absence!

Taking out my extensions! I have soft sweet pink bunny hair again. They were getting all dreaded & crazy, so after my shoot I came back to Adam’s place & started removing them. They’re going back in at the end of the month, but in the meantime I am embracing the short messy look again! Yay!

Things I Love Thursday

Hooping — Okay, I am now in full-on hoop obsession. I am actually experiencing some (mild) separation anxiety being away from mine. To prove what a nerd I am, yes, I did check to make sure my hoop wouldn’t fit in my suitcase. Amazingly, last night after a fine Japanese meal & some Japanese photobooth action, Erin, Timmy & I retrieved two hoops from their car (!!!) & went to a seedy alleyway for some good hooping time! I tried two hoops at once & was an instant pro. FUN! I am looking forward to getting back to mine again, & buying a full-size one too!

Playing DJ — Well, not wicky-wicky style (I wish! I’ve never even tried!), but I do love playing music for people. A LOT. So my Macbook is plugged into Adam’s stereo & I am constantly bombarding him. “Listen to this! Ooooh do you like this one?! How about this? Listen for this bit coming up right… now. Okay no you have to listen to the lyrics, pay attention!” He’s loving it, or so he says, haha! Talking about music makes me mega-happy. All over. The end.

Honourable mentions: Strangers who write sweet, strange songs about your friends; visible ab definition (thank you, hooping!); new watches; being missed at parties; having a row to myself on the plane; the fact that on Air NZ, they display brainteasers & riddles on the little screens instead of television; it being warm enough to get away with just wearing a t-shirt on the plane (I usually have to layer up like nobody’s business!); spending plenty of time with Timmy!; scotch & dry; surrogate boyfriends; eating dinner in a treehouse (I’m going there this weekend!); Company Flow; making fun plans; filming & documenting everything; doing the 365 project, & last but not least, my friends. A more awe-inspiring, supportive, loving group of people you could not meet. I adore you & I hope you know it.

“Do everything with so much love in your heart that you would never want to do it any other way.” — Yogi Desai

& you, my sweet?